​How to Convert Your Personal Car to Drive for Grab

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Motorist Driving Grab Personal Car
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Planning to drive with Grab? You’ll need to convert your vehicle to either a Z10 or Z11 classification before providing private-hire services. Here are the steps to do so.

Before converting your vehicle, please ensure that you meet the following requirements set by Grab.

Once you’ve met the minimum requirements above, you can proceed to convert your vehicle class to provide private-hire services.

Converting Your Vehicle

Motorist Vehicle Class Table
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As mentioned above, you’ll need to convert your vehicle to a Z10 or Z11 classification before driving for Grab. Z10 is for regular sedans, while Z11 is for larger vehicles like SUVs and MPVs. To apply, simply visit One Motoring and login using your SingPass ID.

Once logged in, click on the ‘Ownership’ tab, followed by ‘Vehicle Scheme/Specifications’, then the ‘Convert my vehicle scheme’ option. Under ‘Conversion Type’, select the drop-down option ‘Passenger Car to Private Hire (Chauffeur) – P to Z’.

Once selected, you’ll need your vehicle license plate number, and make a payment of S$100. Kindly note that you’ll need to pay another $100 if you plan to change your vehicle class back for personal use only.

Getting a Private-Hire Car Decal

Motorist Private Hire Car Decal
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From 1 July 2017, all private-hire drivers are required to display special decals on both their front and rear windscreens of their vehicles. These decals are tamper-evident, meaning enforcement officers will be able to tell if they have been tampered with (e.g. removed or re-pasted).

According to LTA, these decals “allow for easier identification of registered private-hire cars and facilitate enforcement against offences such as unregistered cars providing chauffeured services, or private hire cars picking up passengers by street-hail”.

Once you’ve converted your vehicle class, it’s best that you visit any Vicom, JIC or STA inspection centres to get the decals affixed. It will cost you $20, including GST, to get them affixed.

These private-hire decals will also be inspected during your regular vehicle inspections. If found to be tampered with, you will not be allowed to renew your vehicle’s road tax.

Purchase Commercial Insurance

Before you start picking up passengers, it’s probably in your best interest to insure yourself first. That way, if you happen to get involved in an accident, your insurance would cover both you and your passengers.

Do note that you can sign up with any insurance provider as long as they provide commercial insurance for you and your vehicle.

If you’re looking for a best and most comprehensive insurance coverage, Motorist.sg can help you source for a competitive quote from over 10 insurers, completely free. The best part is our service is 100% obligation-free, meaning you can turn down our offer anytime you want.

Once you have completed all these steps, you may apply to Grab and become a private-hire driver under them!

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Hi, my wife is the registered owner of the car. Can I purchase the commercial insurance for me to drive PHV?

2 months ago

Eugene Wang
do I need to fully pay up my personal car before converting to private hire car?

over 1 year ago

Tan Kok Siong Alan
if you convert to PHV and your family members want to drive the car, do you need another personal car insurance?

about 2 years ago

Hi Derrick, thanks for your comment. It depends on what you're looking to get covered for. There are three different types of motor insurance in Singapore: Comprehensive, Third-Party, Fire & Theft (TPFT), and Third-Party Only (TPO). TPO is the most basic, and it covers any costs associated with you for damaging someone’s car and their medical expense. TPFT is a middle-tier plan that extends coverage to losses due to accidental fires and theft. Lastly, Comprehensive car insurance is the most common and well-rounded plan that covers not only third-party, fire and theft liabilities, but also losses and damages to your passengers, vehicle, belongings and yourself. To learn more about car insurance in Singapore, please check out the following article: https://www.motorist.sg/article/167/5-things-to-consider-before-buying-car-insurance-in-singapore

almost 6 years ago

Derrick Tan
hi there! how do i find out what's the best insurance coverage for me?

almost 6 years ago