Elevate Your Drive: Unveiling the Secrets of Car Feng Shui

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Have you ever felt like you needed more zen when you find yourself perched behind the wheel? Soothing music may not always work – you sometimes need some spiritual assistance on your daily travels.

At Motorist, we aim to blow you right on course, as we navigate the high seas of the supernatural. Embark on a journey of self discovery through the application of feng shui principles to your car, for a harmonious and tranquil driving experience. 

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From decluttering to mindful driving, find balance on the road – feng shui, whilst commonly associated with interior spaces, can also be used to foster positive energy and transform your journeys into moments of serenity and equilibrium!

Declutter and Organise

Just as clutter can disrupt energy flow in your living spaces, a cluttered car can contribute to a sense of chaos while driving. Let your inner Marie Kondo shine, and spark joy by decluttering your car's interior – remove unnecessary items, organise essentials, and create a visually appealing and serene environment (Note, we recommend you only spark joy, cars are fairly flammable).

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A clutter-free space promotes a calmer state of mind, enhancing your driving experience. It also means there’s less potential for injury should there be an accident, since there’s less chance of a stray piece of debris striking you.

Colour Choices Matter

Colours hold distinct energies in feng shui. You can improve your luck by simply having a car in a colour that gels with your spiritual energy. There are two ways of achieving this. Firstly, you can consider selling your car (we have car valuation services) and replace it with a new one (check out our used car classifieds here). Or for less hassle, consider engaging the services of one of our trusted paint/wrap vendors to change the colour of your vehicle. 

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A basic Feng Shui rule goes like this - calming blues and greens promote relaxation, while vibrant reds and oranges evoke energy. Reflect on how different hues align with your emotions and choose colours that set the desired tone for your driving journeys.

Optimal Placement of Objects

Strategic placement of objects within your car can optimise energy flow. You hear of feng shui masters preaching for the optimisation of interior spaces. But are you aware that the same values can also be applied to spaces that are mobile? The very items used in a home can also be installed in a car.

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For instance, hanging a crystal from the rearview mirror can refract sunlight and create uplifting energy. Aligning seat positioning with your car's energy map enhances balance and harmony throughout your drive. Word of caution - do exercise some common sense, and avoid overdoing it!

Zen Driving

Feng shui isn't solely about physical arrangements; it extends to your mental state as well. There’s no use in having various spiritual implements if you do not have a certain baseline level of inner peace and zen. Achieve calm by practising breathing techniques that lower your heart rate.

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It is only then that you can have the mental capacity to practise mindful driving, all through staying present and focused on the road. Cultivating a calm and centred mindset not only enhances your safety but also contributes to positive energy within the car.

Embrace Regular Maintenance

Maintaining a clean and well-functioning vehicle is vital for cultivating positive energy. Regular cleaning of both the interior and exterior, along with diligent maintenance, prevents stagnant energy and ensures that your car remains a haven of balance.

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Some petrol stations will have a car wash, and for routine cleaning, their services are often enough. However, if your car is properly soiled, you can consider engaging the services of a proper detailer. And if you need recommendations, you can refer to our handy little guide right here!

Create Your Sanctuary on Wheels

By embracing the ideologies of Feng Shui, you are letting the winds blow you into uncharted waters. And by following our guide, we’d be navigating these optimising the cosmic energies that are your yin and yang.

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Embracing feng shui principles can transform your driving experience. By harmonising your car's environment, colours, objects, and your own mindset, you can create a serene and balanced space that turns your daily commutes into opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation. Your car becomes more than just a means of transportation – it evolves into a personal sanctuary where positive energy thrives.

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