​The 14 Most Annoying Things a Car Passenger Can Do

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Motorist Annoying Things Car Passengers Can Do
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Drivers, can you make it through this list without losing your cool? Here are the 14 most annoying things a car passenger can do in your car.

Car passengers, kindly take note. Do not perform any of these 14 things the next time you’re in someone else’s car. You might lose your ride, or worse, your friendship with the driver.

Don't say we didn't warn you. Check out the list below:

1) Wind down the windows after a car wash.

For you clueless passengers out there, this leaves streaks of water, and eventually water marks on the windows.

2) Take over the driver’s music.

Please don’t live out your dreams of becoming a DJ in my car.

3) Rest their feet on the dashboard.

Motorist Feet On Dashboard
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Hello, this isn’t your house. Besides, your stinky feet might be blocking my vision of the side mirror.

4) Litter in the car.

Motorist Dirty Messy Car
(Photo Credit: Iron Chef Imports)

Some of us drivers pride ourselves on a clean car. Please don't take that away from us by littering in our vehicles.

5) Become a backseat driver.

There’s nothing more distracting than a backseat driver. If you’re not happy with my driving, kindly exit the vehicle, thanks.

6) Leave their finger prints on the windows.

Please don’t re-enact that scene from Titanic. Your greasy finger prints are hard to remove.

7) Singing badly.

Please save your terrible singing for KTV nights. At least there’ll be alcohol to make your singing more bearable.

8) Getting drunk and puking in the car.

If you can’t hold your alcohol, please don’t drink. Wiping your puke off the interior of my car isn’t something I look forward to.

9) Keeping their eyes glued to their phones.

If you aren’t interested in my company, please book a taxi instead.

10) Farting in the car.

These passengers will hold their farts in until all the doors are closed. And yes, their farts are normally the smelliest. Disgusting.

11) Opening or closing the car doors too hard.

Car doors are not rocket science. You don’t need to exert that much force when opening or closing them.

12) Give poor/last-minute directions.

If you don’t know the way, please don’t pretend like you do. It only makes the drive more frustrating.

13) Talk too much.

It’s okay to keep quiet once in a while you know. Your excessive talking can be rather distracting when driving.

14) Complain about the driver’s car.

You complain about its colour, how small it is, how it smells, etc. Remember, I’m driving for you, so keep your mouth shut, or you’ll end up walking instead!

Are there any other things that car passengers shouldn't do? Let us know in the comments below.


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Derrick Tan

no. 12 is the worst, no doubt!

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I'm not too fond of number 5.

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