​15 Unspoken Etiquette Rules That Every Driver Should Know

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist 15 Driving Etiquette Rules(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

Singapore roads would be a lot less stressful if you follow these 15 etiquette rules while driving.

Become a better driver by practicing these 15 driving etiquette rules the next time you're out on the road. These 15 rules and tips will not only make our roads less stressful, but they’ll also make them safer and more pleasant to travel. Check out our list to find out how you can become a more considerate and responsible driver.

1) It’s inconsiderate to tailgate, so maintain a safe distance

Do you hate it when someone tailgates you? Yes? Then don’t do it to others.

2) Don’t cruise in the right-hand lane

Otherwise known as the overtaking lane, the right-hand lane is for passing vehicles only. Once you’ve overtaken the vehicle, carefully merge back to your initial lane.

3) No calling, brushing of hair, application of makeup, eating, or texting while driving

Wish to avoid an accident? Then don’t do the following activities while driving.

4) Slow down when approaching a pedestrian crossing, even when there’s no one there

It’s a good habit to inculcate. After all, you’ll never know when a pedestrian might make a mad dash across the road.

5) If possible, give way and let other vehicles merge

Besides building good karma, giving way to others makes driving on the road more pleasant.

6) Acknowledge other drivers and thank them for giving way to you

This can come in the form of a raised hand or a thumbs-up. Oh, and make sure the other driver sees your gesture.

7) You’re responsible for keeping your passengers safe, so drive cautiously

If you are behind the wheel, the responsibility of all passengers, as well as other road users, are in your hands. Don’t commit or do anything rash that might jeopardize their lives.

8) Always drive with an intention

Are you unfamiliar with a certain route? Consult Google Maps and do some research before embarking of your trip. Clueless drivers can be a hazard on the roads, especially when they change lanes abruptly to make a turning or exit.

9) Keep your music to your ears

No, you are not “cool” when you blast music with the windows down.

10) Always give way to emergency vehicles

In a life and death situation, every second counts. So please give way to ambulances and fire trucks when you spot them in your rear-view mirror.

11) Keep your cool and let the little things go

Did someone cut into your lane at the very last moment? Instead of sounding your horn and losing your cool, just take a deep breath and let it go. Don't let something so trivial spoil the rest of your day. Try to look at the bigger picture: Will this matter to you in a few days? No, it probably won't, so stop getting angry when you're behind the wheel.

12) Never steal someone’s parking spot, especially if they’ve been “waiting” before you

This should apply even if your car is positioned more favourably to the lot. Always wait for a few seconds to see if the other driver reacts or wants the lot. If the other driver doesn’t budge, go ahead and park your car.

13) Park within the lines

No one likes it when another vehicle is parked to close. Just like people, car need some “personal space” too. Parking to close to another vehicle is also a good way to get dents on your doors.

14) Use your car horn and high beam sparingly

Excessive use of the car horn can be an annoyance for everyone on the road. It should not be used as a tool to vent your frustration. Instead, only use it to alert other drivers of your presence or to tell them that the traffic signal has changed. The same applies for your car's high beam. If left on, it can be rather blinding and might distract the driver in front of you.

15) A responsible driver will never drink and drive

Do we even need to explain why? If you're rich enough to own a car, you can definitely afford a taxi ride home.

Are there any other etiquette on the road that drivers should follow? Let us know in the comments below.

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