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It’s after dinner, or that funny timing between lunch and dinner. You want dessert, or perhaps something cold to satiate that peckish feeling.

For this round of mGuides, it’s all about that sweet tooth, and what is one way to quell that sweet tooth? Well, ice cream could be a good start! Now, we acknowledge that everyone has their own preferred ice cream parlour, but how about giving the ones on this list a try?

The Humble Scoop

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Let’s start with The Humble Scoop! They have two outlets, a newer one at Stars of Kovan, and their original shop at Katong Shopping Centre, which is the one we’ll be focusing on. The ice cream on offer is never the same, with a variety of flavours being constantly rotated depending on the ingredients available.

What makes The Humble Scoop unique is how they feature very localised flavours like guava sourplum, kopi-c siew dai and pulut hitam (black sesame), which is a very refreshing take compared to the flavours usually available in other shops! Should you wonder what flavours are available that day, head to their Instagram page for a look!

Address: 865 Mountbatten Road B1-92, Katong Shopping Centre, 437844

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 12pm to 8.30pm, Friday to Sunday, 12pm to 9.30pm

Parking: Monday to Saturday, 7am to 6pm, $1.55/hour

Monday to Satuday, 6pm to 7am, $2.67/entry

Sunday and public holidays, 7am to 7am, $2.67/entry

Monarchs and Milkweed Gelato

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1665736945142 1 1 3(Photo Credits:

If artisanal gelato is what you seek, perhaps Monarchs and Milkweed could be your choice. Their interior is chic and simple, with a clean aesthetic and stylish glass display case showcasing their available flavours. Be warned though, they get pretty popular on weekends, so be prepared to queue if you want to enjoy your ice cream in their shop.

The flavours on offer are a mix of the classics and some of their own creations, like soursop mint, burnt white chocolate, Tahitian vanilla, even locally inspired ones like Coconut Pandan. Whatever you select, it will be hard to go wrong, especially with such unique flavours that have proven to be such a hit with customers.

Address: 802 North Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 198770

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 10pm

Parking: Street parking rates apply

Inside Scoop

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1665736950973 Insidescoop12(Photo Credits: DanielFoodDiary)

Just down the road from Monarchs and Milkweed, is Inside Scoop. Originating from Malaysia, they only opened their first international outlet in 2021, which just happens to be this one. Compared to the simplistic interior of their neighbour, Inside Scoop has elected for something brighter and more whimsical, with bright colours and even a circular swing on the premises.

Their ice cream is split into three tiers; double premium, premium and regular. Being from Malaysia, it’s not surprising to see Mao Shan Wang and D24 durian being their premium flavours. Not to mention, cempadak, which is definitely a first, as it is typically seen as fried snack instead of an ice cream flavour!

Address: 779 North Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 198770

Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 12.30pm to 10.30pm. Friday to Saturday, 12.30pm to 11pm 

Parking: Street parking rates apply

Kind Kones

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1665736957031 Kindkones16(Photo Credits: DanielFoodDiary)

Vegan ice cream shops aren’t exactly common in Singapore, and while their numbers are increasing, they’re still not as popular as their non-vegan counterparts. Kind Kones is one of the more well known ones, and if you think that just because they’re vegan and won’t taste as good, give it a try, and we daresay you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Granted, you won’t get the same creamy and luscious mouthfeel with some of their flavours like chocolate and black forest since non-dairy substitutes are used, but Kind Kones has managed to replicate it to a certain extent. We would recommend their fruit flavours instead, like passionfruit or watermelon strawberry mint. After all, these are labelled as “best sellers” for a reason. 

Address: 583 Orchard Rd, #B1-27, Forum The Shopping Mall, 238884

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 10pm

Parking: Monday to Friday before 5pm, $2.40 for first hour, $1.20 for subsequent 30 minutes from 6am to 5pm 

Monday to Friday after 5pm, $3.20/entry from 5pm to 6am the following day 

Saturday: $2.60 for first hour, $1.40 for subsequent 30 minutes from 6am to 5pm, $3.20/entry from 5pm to 6am the following day 

Sunday, $3.20 per entry from 6am to 6am the following day

Burnt Cones

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1665736968235 Burntcones11(Photo Credits: DanielFoodDiary)

Not only is this shop open until 12am daily, they also serve brunch food on top of the ice cream and waffles that one typically expects! Burnt Cones holds true to their name, for the moment you arrive, the fragrance of slightly burnt waffle cones immediately permeates your nostrils. Choose from three levels of doneness, light, medium and dark, for your ice cream cone, with each one having a different flavour profile.

Besides the classics like dark chocolate, pistachio and fior de latte, unique flavours like ube (Filipino purple yam) and scarmoza (an Italian cheese similar to mozzarella) are also available! If those aren’t one-of-a-kind flavours, we’re not sure what else is! Also, brunch is available from 11am to 2pm on weekdays, and 9am to 2pm on weekends.

Address: 105 Clementi Street 12, #01-02, Singapore 120105

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 11am to 12am. Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 12am

Parking: HBD parking rates apply

Combined Itinerary

We have plotted out the location of all these ice cream shop onto Google Maps for your ease of navigation! We can already hear your sweet tooth tingling, so head forth and enjoy some ice cream!

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