Peugeot Launches All-Electric e-2008 SUV, To Be Similarly Priced As Petrol Variant

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Vantage Automotive has unveiled the all-new fully electric Peugeot e-2008 SUV! This is the French automaker’s first fully-electric offering in Singapore, which also happens to qualify for Category “A” COE.

Built on Stellantis’ CMP platform, the e-2008 has optimally placed batteries which ensures the electric variant has the same room and boot volume as the regular 2008.Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1663307893113 E 2008 3Power comes from a front-mounted, 130 bhp electric motor. This unit generates 260 Nm of torque, and draws current from a 50 kWh high-capacity battery, which can be recharged at up to 100 kW if the charger permits. This means a range of up to 345 kilometres, and a 0-80% charge time of about 30 minutes. The instantaneous torque means that despite the relatively tame power figures, you’d be able to keep pace with traffic, making it easy to navigate any situation on the road ahead.

Visually, there’s little to differentiate between the petrol and electric versions of the 2008, with the latter sporting several details that only subtly underlines its electrified powertrain. It bears a specific “e” monogram on the front fenders and the tailgate, and a body-coloured front grille. It (obviously) also lacks the exhaust tips present in the petrol variant.Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1663307733074 E 2008 2Inside, the car features the new Peugeot 3D i-Cockpit technology, which projects information like a hologram. This cluster enables Peugeot to alter the graphics’ distance to the driver’s eyes depending on the degree of importance or urgency to improve the reaction time of the end user by up to half a second.

Infotainment is taken care of by a 10” high-definition capacitive colour touchscreen that comes with seven elegant piano ‘toggle switches’. These provide direct access to main control functions, including the active safety systems and vehicle settings.Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1663306764702 E 2008 1Only the top-of-the-line GT variant will be made available for Singaporean buyers. The car is set to retail for $78,888 (excluding COE). Do stay tuned for our upcoming in-depth review!

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