Kia Singapore Launches 'Kia Connect Lite' One-Stop Connectivity App For Added Convenience & Control

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Kia Singapore has officially unveiled the Kia Connect Lite (KCL) app, the first of its kind in its segment, today. Packed with a slew of smart functions, the one-stop app aims to provide a seamless and elevated ownership experience.

The app will feature several useful functionalities, such as Remote Control, Vehicle Status & Diagnostics, Vehicle Maintenance, Emergency Assist, and Driving Statistics and History. Kia owners can also look forward to the climate control function, which allows the car to be cooled to a desired temperature before users get into the driverʼs seat. This makes it perfect for combatting the sweltering heat here in Singapore.

It will also offer a comprehensive range of real-time diagnostic data related to vehicle status, including tyre pressure, fuel percentage, mileage, and battery status. Users can also initiate a vehicle health check to detect any vehicle faults for a safer and more seamless drive. If the app detects any faults, users will be notified through the smart messages feature, prompting them to book an appointment through the myC&C app to manage their vehicle maintenance.

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KCL will also allow users to access real-time trip logs, driving information, and other information like eco score and speed patterns, allowing users to learn more about their driving behaviours over time. According to the South Korean carmaker, users will then be able to better plan out their daily schedules and budget expenditures on their cars per month.

According to Dawn Pan, Director of Multi-Franchise Operations, Cycle & Carriage Singapore, “The launch of Kia Connect Lite ‒ a first in this segment ‒ reinforces our commitment towards making smart connectivity accessible to everyone. Designed with a key focus on the new generation of drivers who embrace smart technologies, we are thrilled that the KCL offers drivers with utmost convenience and an elevated driving experience as we continue to innovate.” 

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Kia is set to release four new car models in the coming months ‒ the Niro Hybrid, Niro EV, EV6, and Cerato Smartstream, all of which will be fully incorporated with the new KCL.

To experience the Kia Connect Lite app or any of Kia’s latest cars via a test drive, please visit the Kia Showroom at 239 Alexandra Road. You can also find out more about the app here.

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