Motorist Cars of the Year Winners - The Best Cars of 2021 in Singapore

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We are proud to finally announce the winners of our first-ever Car Of The Year awards! These results were tabulated via a mix of public opinion votes, and our own internal judging rubrics. 

As a disclaimer, there are reviews that have yet to be published online, and we will do so at the earliest available opportunity. Without further ado, these are your Car(s) Of The Year!

Saloon - Honda Civic

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Good economy, decent powertrain package, wrapped up in a bodyshell that pays a subtle homage to iconic Civics of old - what's not to like?

Premium Saloon - Audi A3 Sedan

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Perhaps the best overall MQB Evo-based premium saloon? It combines the characteristics of what made other MQB Evo cars endearing but in a stylish, saloon body!

Hatchback - SEAT Leon

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No more playing Golf - the SEAT Leon is capable of standing up to more upmarket offerings from storied nameplates within the VW-Audi Group umbrella.

Premium Saloon - Audi A3 Sportback

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Audi's A3 Sportback is perhaps the most premium MQB Evo-based hatchback that you can buy. Despite its humble underpinnings, it delivers an uncompromised Audi experience overall!

Hot Hatch - MINI Cooper JCW

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It's a fast MINI. All the practicality and style of a three-door hatch, but with the firepower to rival some lesser sports car. Big power in a well-sorted and fun chassis, what's not to like?

Compact SUV - SEAT Arona

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Substance without fuss. SEAT has taken advantage of its familial ties to create a compelling compact SUV that is well-made and optioned, despite the low(er) barrier of entry!

SUV - Hyundai Tucson

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The new Tucson receives snazzy technological upgrades and a radical new look and has been built out of premium-feeling materials. What's not to like?

Premium Compact SUV - CUPRA Formentor

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The Formentor is the first ground-up, standalone Cupra model. It combines a solid powertrain, with a well-thought-out and built interior for a premium, yet sporty, experience!

Electric Vehicle - MG ZS EV

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For a first proper go at creating a mass-market EV for global consumption, MG could have done much worse. The ZS EV isn't perfect by any means, but its decent range and materials make it a good buy if you aren't a badge snob.

Premium Electric Vehicle - Tesla Model 3

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We are still working on the review for the Tesla Model 3. What the Model 3 represents, is Tesla's foray into the world of mass-market EVs. With its native rapid chargers and big range and power figures, it's no wonder that no other legacy automaker has come close yet!

Some Closing Words

We thank you all for voting for your COTY! As promised, we will award 10 lucky voters at random with valid Motorist App accounts $50 worth of Esso vouchers. Redemption instructions will be dispatched to you via the Chat feature on the Motorist App itself - keep your eyes peeled as we'll send the information over the next couple of days!

With that, we thank you for supporting us in 2021, and we look forward to bringing you more in-depth reviews in 2022!

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