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How to find out the scrap value of a car?

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Xin Yi

The scrap value of your car depends on when do you intend to scrap/deregister your vehicle. If you intend to scrap your car before your COE expires, it is calculated based on the formula below:

Scrap Value = Total COE rebate + Total PARF rebate

Your COE rebate is pro-rated based on the remaining amount of your COE.

If you intend to drive your car till the very last day of your COE, here's the formula:

Scrap Value = Total PARF rebate

To find out the amount that you are able to get back as 'scrap value', you can check it on LTA's website via the link below. Take note, you will have to select the intended deregistration date and that the amount varies, depending on the date you select.


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