I can't add my vehicle in the Motorist app. What's the issue?

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2 Answers

Are you the owner of the vehicle? You can only add vehicle if you own the car or if you know the owner's credentials (for rented vehicle).

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Hi Alex, if you can’t add your car onto the Motorist App, the first thing to check is if there is a typo. Make sure you key in the last 5 characters of the owner’s NRIC no. or company’s ROC no. correctly. Take note that it is 4 characters and 1 alphabet in this format (Eg. 1234Z).

If you have verified that there is no typo, please double check that the owner of the car is correct. Sometimes, the vehicle may be owned by a company, or by the parents of the driver.

Take note that you will not be able to add your rental vehicle onto the Motorist App unless you have the owner’s credentials.

In the rare case that after you tried all above and nothing works, just talk to Mel in the chat within the Motorist App and she will assist you directly.

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