If my vehicle is register under 'Off Peak Car' will I still get my 'OPC' rebate after selling off my vehicle?

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An existing owner who converts his existing Normal Car to the ROPC is entitled to:

1. Flat discount of up to S$500 on annual road tax, subject to a minimum road tax payment of S$70 per year.
2. Up to S$1,100 OPC cash rebate for every 6 months the car remains as a ROPC until the car reaches 10 years old.
An administrative fee of S$100 is payable for the conversion.

¹To enjoy the OPC cash rebate, the car must be kept as an OPC under the ROPC Scheme for at least 6 months after its conversion, except in cases of deregistration or when the car under the ROPC Scheme reaches the age of 10 years. No OPC cash rebate will be given for the period when the car is laid up.

However if you were to sell off your car, the rebates will be transferred to the new owner who purchased your vehicle.

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