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Can I use, encash or sell the COE rebate from my existing vehicle after its deregistration?

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A COE rebate (where applicable) will be granted when your existing vehicle is deregistered and properly disposed of. As per current procedure, you may use the COE rebate to offset the registration taxes of a new vehicle, or apply to LTA to refund the rebate amount to you in cash, or transfer it to another party. However, if you are taking part in the ETS, and if the COE rebate is used, encashed or transferred before your replacement vehicle is registered, the rebate amount will be collected back at the point when the replacement vehicle is registered, and form part of the value of the new 10-year COE of the replacement vehicle. This value will be used to calculate the COE rebate which will be given upon the future deregistration of the replacement vehicle.

Source: LTA


over 6 years ago