Is there a list of approved headlamp aftermarket replacement bulbs for private cars?

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We require all designs of vehicle lamps to comply with the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Construction & Use) Rules and Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Lightings) Rules. They must bear approved markings to show that they comply with internationally recognised standards, such as those adopted in the European Union countries, Japan and the United States. In addition, the lights emitted from the lamps must also conform to the intended illuminated colour and intensity.
We have been approached by Philips and Osram to evaluate some of their bulbs for use on vehicles. To date, we have no objection to the use of Philips Blue Vision, Philips Blue Vision Ultra, Philips Xtreme Vision, Philips Silver Vision, Philips Vision Plus, Osram Silverstar and Osram Cool Blue bulbs as these models comply with the relevant ECE regulation and bear the ECE markings.


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