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Are after-market light bulbs legal to be used for vehicles on the road?

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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) requires all designs of vehicle lights, including HID lights, to comply with the Road Traffic (Motor Vehicles, Lighting) Rules. They must bear approved markings to show that they comply with internationally recognised standards, such as those adopted in the European Union countries, Japan and the United States. The lights must also conform to their illuminated colour and intensity.

For headlamps, the LTA requires every unit fitted on the vehicle to be capable of casting a white light to the front of the vehicle. The intensity and alignment of a headlamp must also be within the specified limits. The colour temperature of headlamps that bear approved markings should not exceed 4000K.

We have, in principle, no objection to the use of after-market light bulbs on vehicles so long as such bulbs comply with the above requirements and are suitable for use on the vehicle concerned. We have evaluated some of OSRAM and Philips light bulb products for vehicles and have no objection to the use of OSRAM Silverstar, OSRAM Cool Blue, Philips Blue Vision, Philips Silver Vision and Philips Vision Plus as these models comply with ECE Regulation and bear the ECE markings.

If vehicle owners intend to install after-market bulbs on the vehicles, we would advise them to consult the local agents for the models that are suitable for the vehicles. It is the responsibility of vehicle owners to ensure that their vehicle headlamps are properly aligned after replacing the bulbs so as not to cause glare and distraction to other road users; and that such bulbs do not exceed the wattage rating recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.



over 6 years ago