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Are alloy rims allowed for commercial vehicles?

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Yes, we allow alloy rims that are originally factory-fitted to the vehicle and come with a certification from the vehicle manufacturer. These alloy rims have undergone testing by the vehicle manufacturer and have shown to comply with internationally recognised standards.

We also allow retrofitting of after-market alloy rims on in-use light commercial vehicles with a Maximum Laden Weight (MLW) of not more than 3,500 kg (e.g. vans, pickups, small buses and lorries) so long as it does not adversely affect the safe operation of the vehicles.

The rims and tyres fitted onto theses vehicles must be of the correct width, diameter and profile as recommended and certified safe for road use by the rim manufacturer. This is because, if the rims and tyres used do not follow the recommended specifications, vehicle performance may be affected. As a result, road safety would be compromised. The alloy rims must be tested by the rim manufacturer to show compliance with internationally recognised standards that they would not adversely affect the performance and safe operation of the vehicles.



over 6 years ago