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over 6 years ago

My existing vehicle (HGV registered before 1 April 2015 or Bus registered before 1 October 2015) complies with the European/Japanese mirror standards. However, one of the mirrors is broken/missing. Do I have to replace it? If yes, where can I go to get it replaced?

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Xin Yi

It is mandatory for all goods vehicles and buses to be equipped with at least two mirrors to view both side rearwards of the vehicles and hence, if any such mirror is missing or broken, it will have to be replaced.

For the additional mirrors which are meant to improve the driver’s field of vision and reduce the blind spot areas, you are encouraged to replace these broken/missing blind-spot mirrors on your vehicles. You may approach the respective HGV/bus authorised agents to seek a replacement for your broken/missing mirrors.

If you are unable to replace the broken/missing blind-spot mirrors, you have the option of fitting a Fresnel lens on the front passenger side window.



over 6 years ago