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about 3 years ago

Hi i buy coe car car in feb 2021 and my loan period for 7years. My question is can i trade in my current car to buy another coe car now? Consider like trade in or do i need to wait till break even then able to trade in? Pls advise Sifu. Thks

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Hi Sahrul! It depends on the price of the 2nd car you're buying, the trade in value of your current car and your loan outstanding. So if you want to get a 2nd hand car without paying extra, your trade in value for your current car would have to be, (2nd car down payment + loan outstanding) For example if your loan outstanding is 30K and the down payment for the new car is 10K, your trade in value would have to be at least 40k to payback the loan and the 2nd car down payment.

You can refer to similar case below.

I suggest for you to contact the existing finance company on the outstanding balance of the loan, then from there you calculate how much you will lose or earn from the trade in and make your decision based on those figures.


almost 3 years ago