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Will red light camera capture by mistake? I was making a right turn on 2nd lane (go-straight/right-turn shared lane) at the T-junction of paya lebar rd x Ubi ave 3. The traffic light for going straight was red but right turn arrow was green flickering while I passed the stop line. However, I received notice of offence for beating red light. I wanted to appeal but TP website states only accepts medical reason. I did not realize for any abnormal event so did not download footage from in-car camera, and the video already washed away by new recordings while I received the letter. Attached picture is screenshot from google map, it is the view from 1st (right turn) lane, I was on the 2nd lane, right turn arrow was blinking. In such case, what should I do? Can I appeal?

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Cheryl Wong

Hi Ya, red light cameras usually do not capture by mistake.


May I suggest that you contact LTA to notify them about your situation?


over 3 years ago