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How to make payment for VEP by online

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Cheryl Wong

Hi there,

Motorists may use LTA’s online calculator at to calculate the total amount payable for their vehicles. Motorists are also reminded to:

a. update the validity dates of their vehicles’ road tax and motor insurance using LTA’s VEP Digital Service at before applying for a VEP validity extension; and

b. continue to insert their Autopass Cards into the card readers at the immigration booths at the checkpoints when driving out of Singapore, to pay the applicable tolls, Reciprocal Road Charge, ERP charges and any remaining VEP fees.

For more info, you can visit:



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Here are the basic steps to make a payment for your VEP (voluntary employee pension) contribution online:

Contact your VEP administrator to get login details for their online portal. The main administrators in South Africa are Alexander Forbes, Sanlam, Old Mutual, etc.

Go to the administrator's website and login to your online profile using the credentials provided.

Look for an option to "Make a Payment" or "Purchase Units". It may be under your profile dashboard or investments menu.

Select the payment method - usually either EFT transfer from your bank or debit/credit card.

Enter the payment amount as per your VEP contribution rules. Many allow monthly, annual or lump sum amounts.

Double check all payment details are correct like bank account, reference numbers, etc.

Submit the payment. You'll receive an online receipt or payment confirmation.

If paying by EFT, login to your bank app/website and make an immediate payment using the bank details provided on the receipt.

The funds should reflect in your VEP within 1-3 business days once the bank transfer is completed.

You can view payment status and contribution history anytime on your online portal or contact the administrator for assistance. Also get details about sassa payment at


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