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What are the pros and cons of Hatchback body style?

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The biggest benefit of buying a hatchback is the amount of storage space you have at your disposal. Not only do hatchbacks tend to give you more room to stack items than a trunk would, but you can also put the rear seats down to increase your storage space even more.

In terms of value, many hatchbacks retain their value far more than the average sedan.


The problem with hatchbacks is that what you have inside your car is more visible than it would be if you had a sedan. The hatchback itself has a window that allows anyone who walks by to see what you have inside. While you can find hatchbacks with shelves to cover the cargo area, these aren’t always sufficient. Of course, this might also depend on the level of tinting that you have on your windows.

Some people simply don’t like the hatchback style, and find sedans to be the sleeker option.


over 7 years ago