When will my demerit points be reseted?

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Under the Driver Improvement Point System (DIPS), any demerit points will be erased if the driver remains free from traffic offences for the 12 months following his last offence.

Any suspensions would also be wiped off his/her driving record if he remains free from traffic offences for two years from the time his licence was suspended. However, if the period of driving suspension is one year or longer, he/she will have to earn it back later on by passing the theory and practical exams all over again.

The best incentive will be the Certificate of Merit, issued to every motorist who maintains a clean driving record consecutively for three years. This reward entitles him/her to a five percent discount on his/her motor insurance premium upon renewal, on top of any No-Claim Bonus, provided his/her insurer participates in the above-mentioned scheme and he/she did not file any policy claims in the last three years.

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