First Look: The Karting Arena’s Second Go-Kart Track in Jurong

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You can now quench your thirst for speed at The Karting Arena's new circuit at Jurong. Here, you can chase thrilling speeds without running the risk of demerit points and speeding fines!

Launched on 27th August 2021, this brand new 700m adrenaline inducing go-kart facility has 11 exciting corners and occupies 153,000 square feet.

The Motorist team were invited down for a fun day of karting, plus an exclusive first look at the facilities available at the new Jurong track.

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Online indemnity forms make registration a breeze, and ensures you spend less time filling up paperwork, and more time on the track.

The lounge area overlooks the main track and has a timing screen that displays the fastest laps of each driver. With this, you can flex to your friends and see who was the fastest out on the circuit.

Plus, with a linked account from registration you'll be able to view your timings on The Karting Arena app too! Data from each session is automatically uploaded, and the app has features such as a monthly leaderboard, so you'll be able to view how you stack up against other racers in Singapore.

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Aside from being a destination for casual motorsport enthusiasts, the Jurong facility is also designed with recommendations from professional race drivers and is able to facilitate professional race events.

It is decked with a race control room with track cameras that overlook the entire circuit, as well as a viewing gallery on the second floor for spectators to enjoy the action happening on track.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, personal hygiene has become a paramount concern. To provide a safe and conducive experience, The Karting Arena has debuted an all-new automated helmet disinfection station. Simply place your helmet back after a session, and the machine will automatically disinfect your helmet, ready for the next user!

Of course, you wouldn't be taking your belongings with you to the track, hence facilities like lockers and restrooms are available on site for public use.

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Besides the brand new course, a new fleet of BirelArt petroleum-powered go-karts are available and aspiring karters can opt for two sessions: 30km/h or 50km/h.

It's worth noting that for the 50km/h session, a valid driver's license is required.

We had a go in the 50km/h karts, and are delighted to report that they are fantastic to drive, offering good acceleration thrills and lots of balance through the corners.

There are two types of petroleum-powered go-karts available:

  • Single seater: Safe for solo racers and young drivers aged above 9 years old and at least 140cm tall.
  • Double seater: Safe for all drivers, where parents can accompany their children on the track.

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To add to the experience, the track is also lined with safety barriers similar to safety systems installed in Formula 1 circuits. This ensures maximum safety, meaning you can have peace of mind when pushing the karts to the limit.

According to The Karting Arena, the Jurong track is currently the only race track in Singapore with a minimum width of 10-metres throughout for added safety. It also features good lighting that is optimised for night sessions.

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For prospective race karters who are into the more competitive scene, the track features ample storage facilities to stow away karts when not in use. There are also numerous pit garages that are occupied by the various racing teams.

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To get away from the action, you can unwind in the air-conditioned racers' VIP lounge. In here, it's a nice change of pace from the loud action happening outdoors.

After reading this, you might now have the itch to test your skills on this brand new track. So what are you waiting for? Book your slot online today, we guarantee you'll have loads of fun!


Address: Block B, 511 Upper Jurong Road Singapore 638366

Opening hours: 1pm to 9pm on Tuesdays to Fridays. 9am to 9pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Closed on Mondays.

Prices start from $25/session and you don’t need a driver’s license to participate!

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