How to Report Flash Floods, Traffic Accidents, and Other Hazards on the Motorist App

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How To Report Flash Floods Traffic Accidents And Other Hazards On The Motorist App Featured
Help out your fellow road users by reporting road hazards on the Motorist App! Our crowd-sourced Traffic Incident feature relies on the active input of our users – meaning you can quite literally make a difference!

This real-time update feature allows others to keep abreast of disruptions in a more rapid timeframe than a traditional news outlet. Information is discriminated with a shorter turn-over time, and is more interactive too!

To report a traffic incident, click on the red icon in the middle of the bottom taskbar. This will bring up a menu with various options, and do the following:

1. Select the Incident based on what you are witnessing.
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2. Select your location and direction of travel.

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3. Add any remarks and share it! It will be reflected in real-time on the app!
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Once the incident has been shared, it will be reflected on our Traffic Incident and Favourite Route features, allowing fellow drivers to plan their routes accordingly.

With the recent spate of flash floods, we’ve handily added a ‘Flood’ option to the list of traffic incidents. You can help others avoid stretches of road that are inaccessible as a result of said flash floods!

We should stress that you should not be using your mobile device on the go – pull over safely, or ensure the vehicle isn’t moving (i.e. in traffic!) before using the feature!

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