6 Signs Your Car Air-Con Requires A Diagnosis

Published by on . Updated on 13 Sep 2021
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As a car owner, you know the best practices in keeping your vehicle in the pink of health. These can range from regular oil changes to getting the rest of the driveline inspected and parts replaced where necessary. So why is it then that we neglect the air-con, only diagnosing it when things go south?

Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring you do not get slapped with large repair bills resulting from neglect. But there is one key component of your vehicle that is often overlooked. This very system affords you the luxury of a much-needed respite from the unbearable heat of our climate.

We’re of course talking about your car’s air-conditioning. These systems do not fail instantaneously but rather exhibit signs of malfunction long before the inevitable. Ominous sounding as it is, if your vehicle exhibits these 6 signs, it may require a diagnosis!

No Cold Air From Air-Con

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This is when air is being pushed out of the vents, but said air isn’t cooled. A hallmark of a refrigerant leak, this is actually a fairly common problem, especially for owners of older vehicles.

Through years of repeated use, the pipework can suffer from wear and tear, potentially causing it to lose pressure and leak precious refrigerant that can render your air-con system ineffective. There are multiple points of failure, which can range from any number of connecting tubes, the hard-line pipes themselves or even the condenser.

Annoyingly, you’d need a trained eye to spot and resolve the issue. Unlike oil leaks, which leave visible traces, refrigerant is formulated to evaporate when exposed to air.

No Air From Vents

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Your cooling coil may be in the pink of health, but if there isn’t a proper system to maintain airflow in the cabin, it would be for nothing. Typically, this is caused by a blower that isn’t functioning at its designated capacity, or perhaps even a complete failure of the component itself.

Blower malfunctions can be attributed to ailing blower motors, blown fuses or a faulty relay. It is also possible that there is a blockage somewhere in the system. As any number of factors can result in a failure of this component, save for the quick checks you can do, troubleshooting is best left to a seasoned veteran.

A healthy appetite for DIY and some en masse parts shopping can work against you here – with so many variables at play, you may pour in thousands of dollars for the wrong components for an overall fruitless outcome!

Unpleasant Odors

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Unpleasant odours typically indicate the presence of mould in the system. But honestly, odours are the least of your worries. Prolonged exposure to its spores can trigger immune responses or even harm your respiratory system.

When an odour is first detected, you should get your aircon system professionally cleaned and disinfected.

Condensation Leaks

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Condensation on your floor mats or even leaking down your dashboard is a fairly obvious sign that your air-conditioning system is not working as it should. Engineers would have designed drains to feed the condensation out of the vehicle.

Clogged or split hoses can result in these drains being less productive, perhaps even draining onto the inside of your vehicle instead. Soggy carpets and mould can result, though prolonged exposure to the moisture in your carpets can cause rust issues with your floor pan.

Variance In Cabin Temperature

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Is there nothing more annoying than getting into a cool car, having all that stickiness and sweat evaporate in the cool, dry air inside your cabin, only to have the cooling system fail? You then start to perspire again, getting increasingly uncomfortable with the increased temperatures in your vehicle.

Then seemingly out of nowhere, cool air trickles out of the vents again as you shiver from the reduction of temperature that results.

This unreliability stems from a failure in the expansion valve. Said valve regulates the refrigerant flow into and out of the evaporator. A clogged valve prevents the refrigerant from reaching the evaporator, causing the valve to freeze if moisture is present.

Weird Noises

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Air-con compressors work silently, apart from the initial sound you get when it is first turned on. Odd sounds can result from a component failure, such as grinding or squealing sounds that are characteristic of a bearing issue or a rattling noise as a sign of a clutch failure.

Leaves or debris may also be stuck in the compressor, which can cause strange noises too. A loud screeching noise can also be present after driving a car through some stagnant water, which can be caused by any number of belts slipping on their respective pulleys in the engine bay.

Where To Fix A Faulty Air Con

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If your car exhibits any of the symptoms mentioned in the article above, it is time to give your aircon system some TLC. Leave your car in the safe hands of a qualified automotive technician, like those at Infinity Auto.

With over 40 years of combined professional experience from the team, rest assure that your vehicle is being checked and assessed in a professional manner. The workshop is equipped with world leading advance technology in automotive diagnosis and automated equipment, one of the very few presently in Singapore.

As a certified specialist endorsed by various international agencies, the team in Infinity Auto definitely assures your experience is worth on your visit.

Infinity Auto is an affiliate of the IMI (UK) Institute of the Motor Industry. Their expert group of mechanics are IMI (UK) certified in various fields in the automotive field, including Damage Assessing, Hybrid & EV Repairing, Air Con Repairs and more.

They are also the sole distributor for Launch Tech. This world-leading diagnostic and automotive equipment manufacturer has been a pioneer in the OEM automotive equipment market for over 30 years. The team from Infinity Auto are also endorsed and certified as specialist in Automotive Diagnosis for modern car by Launch Tech and have undergone a full series of courses and assessments.

Their seasoned technicians will diagnose your air-con system thoroughly and focus on eliminating the root cause of any problems. Being one of the professional workshops in Singapore, every diagnosis and repair comes with a comprehensive report for all owners, ensuring that they are aware of their vehicle condition on every drive.

Click here to book an appointment with Infinity Auto.

Infinity Auto

Address: 39 Woodlands Cl, #01-08 MEGA@Woodlands, Singapore 737856
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm from Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 3pm on Saturdays, Closed on Sundays/PHs
Contact: 8858 8851

This post is sponsored by Infinity Auto.

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