7 Haunted Roads in Singapore to Avoid at Night During the Hungry Ghost Festival

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7 Month Haunted Roads In Singapore Featured
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Keep your eyes forward and say a little prayer, because you don't want to end up stranded along these 7 haunted roads in Singapore at night during the Hungry Ghost Festival (7th Month).

Considering how the 7th Month has just started, you might want to avoid driving down these haunted roads at night, unless you consider yourself lion-hearted.

These stretches of roads are notorious among the driving community, not just for their eerieness at night, but also because of the urban legends that have been passed through the years.

Unflinched? Well, read on to find out their backstories.

Old Upper Thomson Road (Devil’s Bend)

7 Month Haunted Roads In Singapore
(Photo Credit: Foursquare)

Let’s begin with something known among many petrolheads in Singapore, the windy Old Upper Thomson Road. It was once a race track that boasts several twists and turns back in the early 1960s and 1970s.

Devil’s Bend is the most infamous corner, a sharp V-turn that tested the skill and reactions of many racing drivers over the 11 years of the Singapore Grand Prix. It took away seven lives during those historic years.

Inexperienced motorists were warned to avoid that stretch of road at all costs after it was reopened to the public. Sadly, a horrific car crashed was reported in 2008, claiming two polytechnic students' lives after driving into a ditch.

Cab drivers often shared that they came across ghost sightings. They would pick up a lady in white, who would pay her fare with regular banknotes that mysteriously turned into hell notes.

South Buona Vista Road

7 Month Haunted Roads In Singapore 04(Photo Credit: National Parks)

Familiar to many local drivers and cycling enthusiasts, the South Buona Vista Road comprises sharp turns and hairpin corners with varying elevations, making it tricky to navigate. It is also known as ‘99 Bends’ or ‘Gao Zhup Gao Wan’ when spoken in Hokkien.

As the nickname suggests, there have been multiple fatal accidents reported in the past. Not horrifying enough? It is located beside Kent Ridge Park, where a fierce battle took place between Singapore’s Malay Regiment and Japanese troops in World War II. The thick greenery and tall trees also add an ominous feel to the winding road.

Punggol Road

7 Month Haunted Roads In Singapore 05
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Haven’t had enough World War II ghost stories? Here is the next one; we bring you to Punggol Road, which gives off a desolate feel with trees scattered around. This creepy road takes you away from the bustling residential area to Punggol Jetty Point.

According to history, the Sook Ching Massacre took place on 28 February 1942 in the vicinity; some 400 Chinese civilians were killed during the Japanese Occupation.

Beachgoers and fishermen have discovered human remains. In March 1972, a man dug up a hole and found a skull in the sand around that area. In December 1997, a gold tooth belonging to a victim’s skull was found near the shore.

Although it has seen its fair share of development in recent years, it is still widely considered to be one of the scariest roads to travel alone in Singapore.

Mount Pleasant Road

7 Month Haunted Roads In Singapore 03
(Photo Credit: National Parks)

Mount Pleasant is a stretch of road connecting Bukit Timah to Thomson Road. However, it isn’t as pleasant as you might think (pun intended). Its locality is situated within the former Bukit Brown Cemetery and the Old Police Academy.

If you know your True Singapore Ghost Stories, you would remember that these two locations served as the backdrop for a few ghastly tales.

One of the terrifying tell-tales we heard of is that if you were to drive slowly through Mount Pleasant Road at night, a strong scent of frangipanis might enter your car via the air conditioning system. It signifies that a Pontianak might be lurking around.

If you do encounter a scent of frangipanis lingering, pray that your car is fitted with fresh tyres and has enough power to get you out of the area as soon as possible.

Lim Chu Kang Road

7 Month Haunted Roads In Singapore 01
(Photo Credit: National Parks)

Lim Chu Kang Road is remotely tucked away from civilisation on the map. It is a long stretch of road that is occasionally used as a runway by the Republic of Singapore Air Force during the day.

It does get a little bit creepier at night, especially with cemeteries surrounding Lim Chu Kang Road. In fact, several drivers have shared their encounters with lingering spirits.

Tales of cabbies picking up vanishing ladies in red or white dresses to spirits hanging out at bus stops have been reported. The best tip we've heard is don't ever look at the bus stops too hard while you are passing by in the dark.

It is highly recommended to get a buddy to tag along, or better still, get four other friends in the car with you - the more, the merrier.

Tampines Road

7 Month Haunted Roads In Singapore 06
(Photo Credit: Google Maps)

Anyone who has driven or cycled here before will know that it is a narrow two-way road that can be rather misty when night falls. There were numerous freak accidents reported in the past. In 2014, two teenage girls lost their lives in a fatal accident after a late-night party. In 2015, a truck was smashed by a piling machine that flung off a flatbed trailer.

Considering its eerie history, various temples were constructed along this road, and it is believed that they help to fend off evil spirits.

If you are seeking an adventure, travelling down Tampines Road alone at night should give you one hell of a time.

Jalan Mempurong

7 Month Haunted Roads In Singapore 02
(Photo Credit: Google Maps)

Unknown to many, Jalan Mempurong is located just off Wak Hassan Drive. At the beginning of the road, you will find modern-day landed properties. However, drive deeper in, and you will find a mosque.

It served the Muslim community of Kampong Tengah, a fishing village that occupied the area from the early 60s to the mid-80s. It also served nearby former villages such as Kampong Wak Hassan and Kampong Tanjong Irau.

It is believed that the lost souls of people who were forced to leave the fishing village are still hanging around. A ghostly figure has been seen inviting passersby to the nearby village, and if you follow it closely, it will disappear into the forested area.

Visit this place after sunset at your own risk!

Comment below if you know of any other haunted roads to avoid at night! Be safe and drive carefully, especially during this 7th Month period!

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