The New 2022 Kona N: A ‘True Hot SUV’ from Hyundai

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Motorist Hyundai Kona N Opening Featured(Photo Credit: Hyundai Motors)

The new 2022 Kona N is Hyundai’s entry into the competitive performance SUV market. It is the first ‘True Hot SUV’ that possesses racetrack capability and the versatility of a utility vehicle.

Hyundai N has unveiled its latest creation, the awe-inspiring 2022 Kona N, which joins the N lineup as the first performance SUV in its range.

The launch of the Kona N signifies Hyundai’s dedication to increasing its model range to cater to a broader audience.


Os Pe N Kv Pr Ext3 3 Q Back

(Photo Credit: Hyundai Motors)

The Kona N boasts a winning combination of versatility, agility and racetrack readiness.

Compared to its regular counterpart, the Kona N receives more aggressive styling cues, with larger air intakes and new bumpers giving the car a more dominating appearance.

A double-winged roof spoiler helps improve airflow, and below it houses the signature triangular tail light associated with all N performance vehicles.

N Day Kv Teaser Exterior
(Photo Credit: Hyundai Motors)

19-inch lightweight forged wheels also come as standard for the car, complementing the bespoke Pirelli P Zero low-profile tyres.


Os Pe N Kv Pr Int2 Steering Wheel
(Photo Credit: Hyundai Motors)

The Kona N’s new 10-inch digital instrument cluster features an exclusive racing heads-up display (HUD) that adds a game-like dimension to every driving experience under N or Sport drive modes.

The steering wheel includes a bright red “N Grin Shift” button. When pressed, it momentarily boosts the maximum power output of the car.

Customisable N buttons also enable drivers to pre-set custom modes which they can toggle while driving.


Os Pe N Kv Main N%C3%9 Crburgring 2 Front Low
(Photo Credit: Hyundai Motors)

The Kona N is powered by a 2-litre turbocharged GDI engine, producing 280 horsepower and 290lb/ft of torque. The additional “N Grin Shift” button enhances power to 290 horsepower for 20 seconds.

With launch control activated, the car can accelerate from 0-100km/h in a brisk 5.5 seconds, with the Kona capable of reaching a top speed of 240km/h - impressive figures for a front-wheel drive (FWD) car.


Os Pe N Kv Main N%C3%9 Crburgring 4 Rear
(Photo Credit: Hyundai Motors)

Unlike most performance SUVs, the Kona N only comes with FWD. The car boasts an electronic limited-slip differential (E-LSD), aptly named “N corner-carving differential”.

This system controls the torque distribution to the driving wheels, ensuring maximised control when cornering.

An 8-speed wet-type dual-clutch transmission (N DCT) ensures fast shift times with uniquely tuned gear ratios.

Unlike the i30N and Veloster N, the Kona N will not be offered with a manual transmission (#SaveTheManuals).


Os Pe N Kv City Ext1 3 Q Left
(Photo Credit: Hyundai Motors)

The Kona N introduces a brand new paint option, Sonic Blue. This particular shade is exclusive to the model and will be available alongside 7 other colours.

Prices have not been released yet, but Hyundai is aiming to launch the model by summer 2021.

With current performance SUVs commanding high premiums, this could be an exciting new option for buyers.

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