10 Pains Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced

Published by on . Updated on 24 Feb 2021

10 Pains Drivers Experience(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

Singaporeans have a culture of complaining a lot when we get annoyed over the little things like when something “Suay” or unlucky happens to us. This applies to while we are driving as well. Therefore, we’ll explore the 10 pains every Singaporean driver has experienced.

Feeling pain is only natural but imagine doing your best to avoid some of these driving pains on a bad day or when you’ve tried your hardest to avoid them. It makes your blood boil and urges you to curse. Trust us, we know, but without further ado, let’s get into it.

Discovering a dent/scratch mark on your door

10 Pains That Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced(Photo Credit: Aliexpress)

How many times have you discovered a dent or a scratch mark on your door because the person who comes out of the car beside yours is an idiot?

Imagine your car is damaged when you come back to it but you can’t find the culprit because they've left, that truly is painful.

In this age of Covid-19 and how social distancing is so heavily enforced, don’t you think cars lots should be parked 1 metre apart as well?

Pay more than $10 for parking

10 Pains That Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced 1 (Photo Credit: Motorist)

We all know that parking is a given cost to own a car. But as Singaporeans, the cheaper the parking - the better it is. Parking at an open-air car park is much cheaper than parking at the mall, and Singaporeans love it the most when they have free parking.

What happens when you're forced to park in the mall? You'd probably start praying that the parking lot is cheap and you won't be stuck there for hours, because then the parking fee is raking up. Before you know it, it's going to exceed the amount you'd be fine with paying.

That truly is annoying, but then, it is what it is.

Scrape the bottom of their car from driving downhill

10 Pains That Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced 2 (Photo Credit: Cartoq)

This may not occur to many, but we find it painful for certain car owners, particularly those with low ride height cars. As they go downhill, their front bumper is scraped when the hill is too steep as they level out.

A sound is made when it scrapes, which hurts drivers a lot. It's the kind of sound that would make the driver put his hands on their heads in agony, and when they get out of the car to check, the pain escalates.

The tip is to drive with extreme caution with your foot constantly on the brake as you approach downhill. There’s no rush when you’re driving downhill, safety comes first, for you and your car.

Receive a ticket from Saman aunty

10 Pains That Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced 3 (Photo Credit: Straits Times)

Back in the days of parking coupons, you'd be constantly worried that the length of time you've given expires because of one person. The infamous Saman aunty AKA, the parking attendant.

You'll never know when they're going to patrol the car park, looking for their next victim. No one wants to go to the SAM machine to pay their fine. It's a lot of pain, especially when you're going back to the car, and you see a ticket being placed on your car in the distance. Some of these aunties have been absolutely merciless.

Getting bird poop after washing your car

10 Pains That Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced 4 (Photo Credit: Northside Ford)

Birds. The natural enemy of any car owner, they’re the reason why some of us are washing our cars weekly or even daily. Those pesky animals are hated so much because of their poop.

A splat of that white stuff on your car after you’ve just washed it is one of the worst feelings ever. You’ll feel dejected after all that hard work or money, gone in an instant.

Rain just after washing their car

10 Pains That Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced 5 (Photo Credit: Pexels)

Look at this positively and negatively. Positively, your car gets another wash from mother nature. However negatively, you just wasted your energy to wash your car. When it starts raining, you’ll start questioning in your head why it didn’t rain before you washed.

Think about it; We always like to avoid doing double work.

Receive speeding ticket from police sniper

10 Pains That Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced 6 (Photo Credit: AsiaOne)

Firstly, this shouldn’t be considered a pain, should you even be speeding in the first place? What’s wrong with keeping your car within the speed limit? If you get caught speeding, that’s on you actually, so you kind of deserve it. But hey, sometimes it’s just based on bad luck that the police sniper was there.

This calls for you to download the Motorist app and use our Co-Driver feature while driving. It’s a feature that sends you real-time audio alerts informing you when you’re approaching speed cameras or snipers.

Spill food or drink in the car

10 Pains That Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced 7 (Photo Credit: Kitchn)

Isn’t it annoying when this happens? If you’re the owner of the car and you spill your food or drink, you can still get away with it. But if it’s the passenger that does it, it’s a whole different reaction. We can act like it’s fine but deep down, is it really? You’re gonna have to do some cleaning and if the spillage leaves a stain, that’s just terrible.

Scratching tyre or rims while cornering

10 Pains That Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced 8 (Photo Credit: Scanneranswers)

This brings you back to the days in driving school when you strike a curb while performing a turn at the S-course. That was with the instructor’s car, but now when it is your own or even a rented car, you’ll have to be extra careful with it.

The feeling of that happening is kind of embarrassing, especially when you have passengers inside the car. It truly tears a little bit of you when it occurs while driving, and you can only pray it doesn't do a lot of damage.

Encounter more than 2 ERP in a day

10 Pains That Every Singaporean Driver Has Experienced 8 (Photo Credit: Vulcanpost)

Many Singaporeans dislike ERPs, and kept complaining about it. The sound of the beep going off means money is being taken away from your cashcard, because of that many Singaporeans tend to plan their routes to avoid the ERP whether they’re on the way to work or back home.

So many Singaporeans get frustrated when they pass the ERP and we can agree with that. Nobody likes paying for stuff which they can avoid if they’re careful and if you plan like how some people do, it is possible.

How often do these scenarios happen to you? Do you agree with these 10 scenarios? Let us know in the comments below!

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