8 Lucky Number Plates that Will Make You Go ‘Huat Ah’

Published by on . Updated on 14 Jan 2022

8 Auspicious Number Plates To Make You Go Huat Arh

Planning to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a brand new car? Here are 8 lucky number plates to consider if you wish to have much wealth and prosperity in 2021.

Feng shui blends environmental energies with an individual soul. Contrary to popular belief, even auspicious numbers play an important role in positive ‘chi’. However, unfavourable numbers have the opposite effect.

For example, the number 4 is an unlucky number because it is pronounced similar to the word ‘death’ (死, si) in Mandarin or ‘sei’ in Cantonese. While the number 8 (八, ba) is one of the luckiest numbers because it sounds identical to 发 (fa) in Mandarin or ‘huat’ when spoken in Hokkien.

Here are 8 permutations we highly recommend for your new car this 2021.

1) 1818

As we all know, (一, yi) is the standard way to pronounce the number 1 in Mandarin or ‘yao’ to make it sound similar to ‘want’ or ‘will’. With ‘1818’ as your car plate, it makes you ‘want to prosper again and again’!

2) 1688

As mentioned, 1 (一, yao) means you ‘want’, and 6 (六, liu) is also a lucky number among the Chinese and Cantonese people. The pronunciation is similar to 流 (liu), which means ‘flow’ or 樂 (look), which stands for ‘happiness’ in Cantonese. You are sure to obtain the greatest happiness with good ‘flow of fortune’ into your life this coming year.

3) 2688

Like the one above, but strung with the number 2, it means ‘double prosperity all the way’. We highly recommend this number plate for workhorses who wish to make their fortune more easily.

4) 2828

As they say, good things come in pairs, 2 in Chinese numerology stands for ‘double’ in Mandarin. It is related to ‘easy’, so this can mean ‘twice the chance of making fortune’. It is suitable for those who wish feel lucky every day!

5) 8888

Talk about obtaining your fortune easily, we are sure this set of numbers is familiar to all! The number 8 appears four times repeatedly, and it sounds like ‘prosper prosper prosper prosper’ in Mandarin. It is a representation of allowing an abundance of wealth pouring into your life!

6) 1788

We recommend this permutation for the newlywed couples out there. When 1 and 7 are combined, it sounds like ‘together’ in Mandarin. With the numbers 8 at the back, it can be read as ‘prosperous together’.

7) 8899

The number 9 (九, jiu) has a similar pronunciation to the word ‘long’ in Mandarin. Rolling with this car plate makes you want to ‘prosper for a longer time’.

8) 8484

This last set of numbers is interesting for your car plate. As aforestated, the number 4 is believed to be the unluckiest number in Mandarin, but this combination seems attractive. Putting them together means you will want to ‘prosper until death’.

8 Auspicious Number Plates To Make You Go Huat Arh 02

To summarise, as long as the number 8 is paired with favourable numbers on your car plate, you are sure to go ‘Huat’ this 2021!

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