Car Feng Shui 2021: 8 Tips to ‘Huat’ in the Year of the Ox

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Looking to drift into good fortune and luck in the Year of the Ox? Here are a few ways to bring some positive feng shui into your car this 2021.

Before ringing in the Lunar New Year, it is customary to give our homes a thorough spring clean to rid and ward off negative energy.

The same should apply to your precious car, especially if you spend several hours behind the wheel each day.

If you are seeking better health, luck and wealth in 2021, you might want to follow these eight feng shui tips below.

1) Get an Air Freshener

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It is believed that you are inviting bad ‘chi’ by leaving a weird odour inside the car. In Mandarin, the word ‘fragrant’ sounds similar to ‘auspicious’. Hence, it is always good to have a pleasant smelling scent in the car.

Lemongrass and lavender are the two in-car aromatherapies that are popular among daily drivers. Both keep you energise and alert throughout your long journeys.

2) Declutter Unwanted Items

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Decluttering items in your vehicle is as important as keeping your house neat and tidy. It is a belief that the more unwanted items you hoard, the more it traps negative energy. So why not let the positive ‘chi’ in by clearing the unnecessary trash in your car.

It includes any empty bottles, plastic bags, crumpled letters or papers, old receipts, and of course food wrappers.

3) Clean Your Windows and Mirrors

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Dirty windows and mirrors not only dampen visibility but they are also considered the eyes of the vehicle, according to feng shui principles.

Like how you would want to keep your eyes cleaned, remember to give your car’s windows and mirrors a good wipe before the Year of the Ox rolls through.

4) Sprinkle Salt on Floor Mats

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According to Chinese culture, placing bowls of salts around every corner of the house helps to absorb negative energy. Car owners can do the same by sprinkling salt on the floor mats and leaving it there for a few days. It can be vacuumed easily once the process is complete.

We highly recommend this to Grab drivers, who regularly ferry several different passengers each day. You need not worry about insects either, as they are not attracted to sodium chloride.

5) Drive with Music On

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Driving around Singapore can be stressful and car owners tend to take out their anger on fellow road users. We’re sure you’ve encountered your fair share of road rage while driving in Singapore.

Allowing music to played in the background makes your driving experience more calming and peaceful. You should also try to let go of any anger or frustrations while driving, as these are negative emotions. They will attract negative energies according to the feng shui philosophy.

6) Place a Water Bottle in Your Car

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In Chinese culture, water helps you to explore your spiritual depths and attract an abundance of wealth. At the same time, it also cleanses your car of negative electromagnetic energy from electronic devices.

For those unaware, it is a taboo to place buckets of water at the back of your house. So be sure to place your bottles of water in the front cup holders instead of the cup holders at the rear seats.

Nonetheless, water also quenches your thirst while on the move, so it’s always handy to have a bottle of water lying around.

7) Decorate with Lucky Colours

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Every Chinese New Year, there will be a set of predictions for each zodiac, which includes a set of lucky colours!

Brighten your car’s interior up with this list of lucky colours based on the 12 different zodiac signs.

Rat: Pink, Orange, White

Ox: Blue, Grey, Orange

Tiger: Green, Blue, Yellow

Rabbit: Blue, Red, Yellow

Dragon: Blue, Green, Yellow

Snake: Green, Red, Grey

Horse: Orange, Green, Blue

Goat: Green, Red

Monkey: Yellow, Green

Rooster: Green, Blue, Grey

Dog: Orange, Yellow, Grey

Pig: Orange, Pink, Yellow

*This information was taken from KarmaWeather

8) Place Lucky Charms and Ornaments in your Car

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Some zodiac signs are fated to be together, while others are destined to clash quite often.

If the Year of the Ox is not your year, decorating the car’s interior with ornaments of your compatible sign might bring you some luck this 2021.

Here is a table of zodiac compatibility for reference:

Your Zodiac

Compatible Zodiac(s)


Ox, Dragon, Monkey


Rat, Snake, Rooster


Dragon, Horse, Pig


Goat, Monkey, Dog, Pig


Rooster, Rat, Monkey


Dragon, Rooster


Tiger, Goat, Rabbit


Horse, Rabbit, Pig


Ox, Rabbit


Ox, Snake




Tiger, Rabbit, Goat

*This information was taken from Travel China Guide

Besides zodiac ornaments, there are also birthstones to keep you spiritually calm and energise. According to feng shui experts, keeping stones in your glove box will help you remain ‘extra-grounded’ while on the move.

Here is a list of birthstones and the types of energy they release.

Rat: Diamond – cleanses energy, dispels fears, clears mental pain

Ox: Emerald – attracts good luck, restores hope, calms the nervous system

Tiger: Agate – for balancing and healing energy

Rabbit: Pearl – attracts balance and cooling energy

Dragon: Ruby – gives courage, builds confidence, helps overcome exhaustion

Snake: Sapphire – for energy and healing

Horse: Opal – attracts good luck, relieves depression, improves finances

Goat: Onyx – ease stress, inspire happiness, improves self-resilience

Monkey: Topaz – brings good fortune, promotes good sleep

Rooster: Garnet – improves vitality and health

Dog: Amethyst – clears unnecessary mind clutter, calms emotions

Pig: Aquamarine – heals emotional trauma, relieves stress, brings peace

*The information above was taken from thechinesezodiac and thespruce

Are there other feng shui tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below. From all of us at Motorist, have a prosperous and happy Year of the Ox! Gong Xi Fa Cai and Da Ji Da Li!

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