6 Smart Ways to Prevent Car Theft

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

6 Smart Ways to Prevent Car Theft (Photo Credit: Max Pixel)

Car thieves are getting smarter by inventing new ways to commit auto theft.

To prevent you from being their next victim, we wrote this article that highlights six smart ways to prevent car theft.

1. Park in a Well-Lit, Heavily Trafficked Area

Car Theft 1 (Photo Credit: weather2travel.com)

As stereotypical as it may sound, thieves do enjoy working in the dark and deserted places. When parking your car, it's best to leave it in a well-lit, heavily trafficked area. Odds are, car thieves won't target your vehicle if attention can easily be drawn to them.

2. Never Leave Your Valuables in the Car

Car Theft 2(Photo Credit: Simplisafe)

This is common sense. If you leave your wallets or smartphones in plain sight, you're basically inviting thieves to break into your vehicle. If you have to leave valuables in the car, keep them from plain sight by storing them in the car boot or glove compartment. Items such as bags, suitcases, and small purses are also inviting targets, so remember to store them away as well.

3. Don't Leave Your Car Running and Unattended

Car Theft 3(Photo Credit: KVEWTV.com)

This is a common habit among drivers, especially when they need to purchase something quick at a store or need to top up their cash card. Sure, the risk of your car being stolen in Singapore is slim, but if you develop this habit and do this in Malaysia, you can practically kiss your vehicle goodbye. This can be easily avoided if you turn off your car and lock all doors when it's not in use. In addition, did you also know that it's also illegal to leave your engine running when your vehicle is idle?

For first time offenders, the fine is S$70. For repeat offenders, the fine goes up to $100. If you refuse to pay the fine, you will be charged $5,000 instead.

4. Park Your Vehicle Head-In

Car Theft 4(Photo Credit: Geograph)

You've probably heard horror stories of cars being completely stolen from parking lots right? These unfortunate vehicles were likely towed away by car theft syndicates. To prevent this from happening to you, especially in Malaysia, you might want to try parking your car head-in. In case you didn't know, parking head first makes towing your car extremely difficult.

To add an extra layer of security, turn your steering wheel fully to the right or left to make it more difficult for thieves to tow your car.

5. Invest in Anti-Car Theft Devices

Car Theft 5(Photo Credit: Raslok)

Installing an anti-theft device in your vehicle will deter car thieves from targeting your car. Going for S$123.95, this locally-designed steering wheel lock keeps your car secured and prevents it from being stolen. Other types of anti-theft devices include brake pedal locks and gear shift locks. Installing a GPS within your car also helps in the event that your car does get stolen.

6. Avoid Parking Near Car Park Exits

Car Theft 6(Photo Credit: Toulon Airport)

You might want to find a parking lot near the exit, but that also means car thieves will have an easier time making a quick escape. If possible, park your vehicle in a row of other cars. That way, car thieves will have a harder time breaking into your vehicle.

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