5 Ways to Properly Maintain Your Car’s Vinyl Wrap

Published by on . Updated on 2 Feb 2021

Motorist 5 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Car Vinyl Wrap(Photo Credit: Mrrjestic Singapore)

Vinyl car wraps are one of the coolest and boldest ways to have your car catch the eyes of many passers-by but how do you maintain it for the longest time possible? Here are 5 ways to maintain your vinyl car wrap.

Ever since we featured Carine Koh, the owner of the Iridescent Mazda RX-8, we’ve received many questions regarding vinyl car wraps. In this article, we wanted to help owners with vinyl-wrapped cars maintain it.

Vinyl car wraps are known for the versatility of possible designs and how you can protect your car's paint against damage. For those that are looking to get their car wrapped, it’ll start around $2800 for a full wrap at some workshops.

However, like all products, there’s bound to be some wear and tear and we’re here to help you protect your car wrap from exposure to UV rays, bug splatters, bird droppings and other sources of contamination.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Use Your Warranty

Motorist 5 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Car Vinyl Wrap 1 (Photo Credit: Mrrjestic Singapore)

The workshop you've visited should've provided your car with a warranty after each wrapping session. They are the ones who know best about the car they've wrapped and should save a set of standard operating procedures (SOPs), and guidance on how they're going to take care of your car with products and techniques.

Of course, you'll save the hassle of doing it yourself, and save money if you need to maintain your car wrap and it falls under the warranty.

Wash Twice A Month

Motorist 5 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Car Vinyl Wrap 2 (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

If you enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning your own car and seeing how shiny it is thereafter. You'll have to get your car washed every fortnight as it removes pollutants, contaminants or debris that could damage the vinyl material.

You might think, "Wouldn't washing it speed up the process of the design and the colours of the wrap to break down?" As long as you use the right products to wash your car like a pH neutral protector as it does not contain wax or any other 'protective' agents.

Avoid Automatic Washes

Motorist 5 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Car Vinyl Wrap 3 (Photo Credit: Unsplash)

When washing your car, the recommended way is the two-bucket method, which ensures removing all pollutants from dirt, debris, and bird poop. DO NOT send your car to those automatic washes at your nearest petrol station. The bristles of the brushes are not suited for the wrap.

Likewise, the pressure of the water jets may be too high and could adversely affect the wrap too. If you really insist on it, do check with the workshop or vinyl wrap manufacturer what the appropriate PSI should be.

Stay Clear of Too Much Outdoor Exposure

Motorist 5 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Car Vinyl Wrap 4 (Photo Credit: Mrrjestic Singapore)

Excessive amounts of time under the sun or other outdoor elements (rain, smog, debris and road pollutants from passing cars) may degrade the roof wrap, trunk lid and hood. These horizontal areas are a magnet for pollutants that are enhanced by exposure to UV rays. If you need to park outside for longer periods of time, look for shady parking areas like a Multi-Story Carpark or invest in a car cover.

Get Solar Film Tinting

Motorist 5 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Car Vinyl Wrap 5 (Photo Credit: Mrrjestic Singapore)

Singapore is a sunny city, meaning your car will constantly be exposed to UV rays which wear your vinyl wrap out. That being said, some workshops offer Solar Film Tinting. This basically means that your car wrap is protected from harsh UV rays with an additional layer of tinting for your car.

Solar Film tinting is usually measured by UVR (Ultraviolet Rejection) and IRR (Infra-Red Rejection). UVR is the percentage of ultraviolet energy deflected away from the window film. While IRR is used as a guide to the level of heat rejection.

Motorist 5 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Car Vinyl Wrap 6 (Photo Credit: Mrrjestic Singapore)

A workshop like Mrrrjestic Singapore is one of the leading car wrapping workshops in the country. They specialize in not only in the spectacular installation of Vinyl Car Wrap but also in the installation of Paint Protection Film and Solar Film Tinting for your car to ensure safety and help maintain your vinyl car wrap for a long time. Only a top-quality selection of wraps and the best services for your precious car will be offered to you with Mrrrjestic Singapore.

Motorist 5 Ways To Properly Maintain Your Car Vinyl Wrap 7

(Photo Credit: Mrrjestic Singapore)

We hope you’ve gained more knowledge about maintaining your vinyl car wrap and that you’ll be able to last with your wrap for a long time.

To get your car vinyl-wrapped by Mrrjestic Singapore:

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, LINK@AMK, #01-22, Singapore 569139

Contact : +65 8818 1198

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