​How to Lay-up Your Vehicle in Singapore

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If you don’t plan on using your vehicle for an extended length of time, you can choose to lay-up your vehicle in order to save on road tax while still retaining the validity of its COE.
What is laying-up your vehicle?

Laying-up your vehicle means taking it off the road and parking it in a designated area for an extended period of time. During the lay-up period, your vehicle is exempted from road tax but if it has a valid COE, the COE will continue to tick down while the vehicle is laid-up.

Where do you park a laid-up vehicle?

Your vehicle has to be parked in the address you supplied during your application, there is no restriction on where your vehicle has to be parked as long as it isn’t on a public road or place. HDB carparks and private housing are all valid places to park your laid-up vehicle. If you wish to update your laid-up vehicle’s parking address, you can do so online via SingPass/CorpPass with supporting documents.

If you plan to park on private property or in a commercial building, you need to have an approval letter from the owner of the premises or other relevant authority before you can place your laid-up vehicle there.

During the duration of the lay-up period, you are not allowed to drive your vehicle or move it from the designated parking location. Failing which, your vehicle’s laid-up status will be revoked and you will have to pay road tax from its last expiry date.

How long can you lay-up a vehicle?

Your vehicle is only able to be laid-up for one year per application and it cannot be laid-up beyond its COE expiry date.

You can extend your lay-up duration by re-applying before the current lay-up term ends. If not, you have to pay for road tax as soon as your lay-up period ends and will be charged late renewal fees if the lay-up period has expired.

Do note that your lay-up period can only be extended up to a maximum of three consecutive years. If the vehicle is not re-licensed by the end of the three years, it will be automatically deregistered and may not be re-registered or re-licensed.

Can you lay-up a PARF-eligible vehicle?

Yes you can. Before you do though, you need to write in to www.lta.gov.sg/feedback and state the reasons for laying-up your vehicle, along with the intended duration, parking address, and your contact details. You should also write in at least 7 working days before your intended lay-up date.

Once approved by LTA, you can submit your lay-up application as per normal. However, by laying-up your vehicle, it will lose its eligibility for PARF rebates.

How do you submit an application to lay-up a vehicle?

You can submit an application to lay-up your vehicle in one of two ways.

1. Online using SingPass/CorpPass

2. At LTA Customer Service Centre (only for owners who are not eligible for SingPass/CorpPass)

Online using SingPass/CorpPass

You can apply to lay-up your vehicle at this link here, each application costs $17.12. You will need to provide your vehicle’s parking address, lay-up start date, a valid credit/debit card, and any supporting documents as required.

At LTA Customer Service Centre

You will need to bring the completed application form that can be found here. You will also need the registered owner’s identification documents, any required supporting documents, and payment of $17.12. Appointments are required and you can make one by writing into www.lta.gov.sg/feedback.

How do you use a vehicle again after it has been laid-up?

Once your lay-up period has expired, if your vehicle meets the requirements to renew road tax, you may pay for your road tax and begin to use your vehicle again. It’s advised to start early as you might need time to complete all the prerequisites to renew your road tax.

If your vehicle needs an inspection to meet the road tax renewal prerequisites, you must tow your vehicle to the inspection centre as it cannot be used on the road.