Top Mistakes Singaporean Drivers Make

Published by on . Updated on 4 Feb 2021

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Day by day, accident videos and reports are uploaded onto numerous local pages showcasing all kinds of accidents. Here are the top mistakes we’ve identified that Singaporean Drivers make.

Getting a driver’s license and owning a car in Singapore is a costly thing and getting into an accident because of your reckless mistake does not make it any better. Driving on the road is an empowering privilege that we should not abuse, the roads are for everyone and, it’s not meant for impatient and complacent people.

Nonetheless, this article is to highlight the common mistakes that Singaporean drivers make with the intentions of allowing you to reflect and start driving safely and correctly.

A Driver’s Need for Speed

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Most drivers are guilty of this, when we see an empty lane with no cameras or obstacles. That just teases most drivers to step on the pedal, there’s no denying that. But there are some who do so even when there are many cars on the road and it’s not a good practice at all.

If you need some statistics to convince you why you should not be speeding, according to CNA, “speeding-related accidents in 2019 increased slightly by 1.3% to 728 cases as compared to 719 cases in 2018. Likewise, speeding violations numbers had a spike of 16.4% to 183,059 cases in 2019, as compared to the 157,312 cases in 2018.”

You may say that you are a good driver, however your need for speed is just an accident waiting to happen. Therefore, always keep in mind of the speed limits that are in place, slow down when appropriate, and when you are approaching traffic. You will be doing yourself and everyone else a favour.

Giving Your Attention to Anything But the Roads

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We’re looking at all you expert multitasking drivers, too engrossed in your phone or adjusting your sound system while driving. We shall give you the benefit of the doubt, as you may not have consciously realised it. Hopefully after reading this article, you'll look back and deeply reconsider.

Focusing on the roads is a paramount part of driving, being aware of your surroundings because it may not be you who isn’t driving properly. For instance, if the driver beside you seems to have changed lanes without signalling and in that moment you were not paying attention, you might hit that car because you could not not slow down in time. Although it was the driver’s fault for not signalling, you could have avoided it if you were paying attention.

We’re all taught in driving school that we must remain focused on the roads at all times as one mistake can cost you dearly. Always remember, a life matters more than answering a notification.

Traffic Lights Have Three Colours for a Reason

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Green is to go, amber is preparing to stop, and red is to stop. It’s pretty simple. However, there are still so many videos of drivers not conforming to red lights and causing accidents to happen. According to CNA, just like the number of speeding-related accidents have increased in 2019, the number of red-light running accidents also saw an increase of 14.2% to 153 cases, from 134 cases in 2018. While in 2018, there were 55,433 red-light running violations. But in 2019, the number of violations increased by 7.1% to 59,368 cases.

A common mistake made by some drivers that causes them to run a red light is due to poor or impacted road sense because of how fast they are going. Their solution to avoid this? To jam their brakes when the light turns amber, doing something like that may shock the driver behind and could cause them to rear-end the car in front. Thus, practise slowing down when approaching a traffic light junction. If you could do that when you were taking your TP test, why can’t you now?

Signal Lights are to be Used

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Why don’t people use their signals? We could never grasp it, flicking a lever up or down to alert others really doesn’t sound that hard at all. Instead, some drivers think they’re real slick cutting into another driver’s lane, causing anxiety for the drivers behind.

That’s just very inconsiderate and these drivers should count themselves lucky that some of these drivers that get their lanes cut are alert enough to react to avoid an accident. So, please just be considerate and signal, you’re sharing the roads with other drivers so at least be smart about it.

Mirrors are Not Just to Check Yourself Out

Mirror Glass

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As taught when most drivers are learning how to drive, it’s to signal and check both rear and side view mirrors for traffic before changing lanes. That’s why mirrors are installed in cars, but just like people not using signal lights, it's the same for mirrors. Not being observant of the traffic on your rear and sides when changing your lane could just end up being an inconvenience to many people if an accident is caused. Is that really worth it?

Drink Driving is the Biggest No-No

What Are The Penalties Of Drink Driving In Singapore(Photo Credit: ValetServiceSingapore)

Seriously, do we even have to mention how dangerous yet common this mistake is made by drivers? Firstly, you can’t even concentrate properly when you’re drunk and drivers behind will be in constant fear if they see a driver driving improperly as they are moving side to side.

Secondly, one accident or getting caught for drink driving by the Traffic Police is enough for an expensive fine, jail time, and getting your license suspended. Please, even if you think that you’re fine, don’t risk it and be stubborn to continue driving.

If you really insist on drinking, why not just drink at home? After all, there are many alcohol delivery options out there!

Those are some of the top mistakes Singaporean drivers make on the roads. In the age of dash cams, all of the actions you make on the road can be seen. Stay gracious on the roads to keep yourself and others safe.

Do you agree with these mistakes listed? What other top mistakes do you think drivers in Singapore make? Let us know in the comments below!

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