10 Songs That Confirm Plus Chop Will Get You Pulled Over By TP

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Motorist 10 Driving Songs
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This list is made up of 10 songs that even though you might want to scream out at the top of your lungs, might draw some unwanted attention from the police.

Don’t lie, you confirm know these songs and you’ve definitely sung along to at least one of them at some point.

Many of these hold an almost iconic status here in Singapore, being played everywhere from clubs to siamdius to PMDs.

Some of these songs may get a bad reputation but somehow, we can’t help vibing along to them anyway.

1. Everytime We Touch - Cascada

A classic. Even though this song is pretty old, you can still hear it playing in clubs today (well not today because COVID but you get the point) and it’s not hard to see why.

2. Crazy Baby - Fantasy Project

Total head-bobber and great hype levels the whole song.

3. Bad Boy - Cascada

The second song by Cascada on this list and it’s yet another hit. Easy lyrics to sing along to and a sick beat means that you and your friends will be grooving to this in no time.

4. God Is A Girl - Groove Coverage

The first of several songs by Groove Coverage on this list, the band has managed to find a niche yet strong following in Singapore for reasons of the I-might-get-called-to-lim-kopi variety and this song is a hugely popular example.

5. Moonlight Shadow - Groove Coverage

A techno icon, Moonlight Shadow will have your entire car jumping up and down with the beat. Watch out though, you might get a little dizzy too with all the head shaking going on.

6. Poison - Groove Coverage

It might be a bit slower than some of the other songs here but we can guarantee you’re still going to raise both your BPM and your RPM.

7. Anthem 1-6 - Floorfilla

Dancing might be a little difficult within the confines of your car but trust us, when this song comes on, you’ll find a way to make it work because how can you not dance along to this?

8. Amor Infinitus - Imperio

Oof when that chorus hits, this is the only reaction we have that can properly show how we feel.

8 Rkap94
Image Credit: Know Your Meme

9. Million Tears - Groove Coverage

Arguably the most well-known song here, even though it’s been banned from most clubs due to its association with secret societies. The moment that first note hits, you know exactly what song is about to get you and your friends jumping and singing along with gusto.

10. Titanium ft. Sia - David Guetta

Though it’s the newest song here, it’s by no means a lousy choice. A crowd favourite that has a banging beat and vocals you can belt out with feel.

Add these to your playlists and jam along with your friends! (Just maybe don’t crank the volume up too high when driving).

Did we miss your favourite tunes? Let us know in the comments!

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