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Motorist In The Passenger Seat Alden Tan Tinycarworks July 2020
(Photo Credit: @tinycarworks)

We’ve all played with toy cars, whether it was collecting classics for a display, or setting your hot wheels off on a crazy loop-de-loop. It could be the crazy colours or the type of car we go for but have you ever thought of designing your own toy car?

Alden (@tinycarworks) can make all these fantasies come true. As a full-time enthusiast of diecasting, he has created an Instagram account around his work complete with a minimalistic aesthetic you should definitely check out.

If you’d like know how he does it, join us for a ride with Alden Chng:

Motorist In The Passenger Seat Alden Tan Tinycarworks Mercedes Sec July 2020
(Photo Credit: @tinycarworks)

What started your passion for detailing tiny cars? When did you start?

I’ve been collecting since I was a kid but only started collecting fanatically in 2018 when I came across a blue Hot Wheels Ford Mustang while on a vacation. The whole casting caught my eye, it’s really good looking but the downside is that some of them lack headlights and taillights so that was when I decided I can detail them myself.

How many diecasts have you customised? What was your first diecast? Which is your favourite?

Motorist In The Passenger Seat Alden Tan Tinycarworks Porsche 993 July 2020
(Photo Credit: @tinycarworks)

I’ve done more than 10 cars to date. My very first diecast was a 1994 Toyota Rav 4 from Tomica and it took me much longer than I expected but my current favourite has to be the custom widebody Candy Lime Green Porsche 993 because I put in a lot of effort on this casting.

Tell us about the process for your instagram posts from the diecast to the photoshoots.

Normally I will start out by stripping the paint, clean it with a metal brush and spray on my preferred colour and detailing will go last. Before that, I take some before shots which are the original factory look and document it down along the way for the BTS then post the final look on my Instagram.

Any tips for those who want to get into diecasting?

One important tip is the willingness to put lots of time and effort into hobby like doing research before purchasing. It really isn’t difficult if you have the passion and patience to practice it. It really becomes a fun hobby, at least to me! Also, I usually find my inspiration from real detailed cars and try it out on my diecasts.

Which car was the hardest to recreate and why?

Currently my custom widebody Candy Lime Green Porsche 993 as it’s my first time creating a widebody kit for a diecast.

Have you ever thought of detailing real cars? Why/Why not?

Motorist In The Passenger Seat Alden Tan Tinycarworks Shogun July 2020
(Photo Credit: @tinycarworks)

Yes definitely! It just feels good detailing or tuning a car according to my own taste! It’s like showcasing personal artwork.

What does your work studio look like?

I have a small work desk (which made up of 2 storage boxes) at the moment for my works and photoshoot. Simple and effective!

What car do you own yourself?

Motorist In The Passenger Seat Alden Tan Tinycarworks Porsche Macan July 2020
(Photo Credit: @tinycarworks)

I own a 2015 Porsche Macan S. It’s a SUV that drives like a car and the horsepower is decent. Also, I’m planning to start a family so this 5-seater is perfect and, most importantly, I like the looks of it.

If you could detail a real car, with a limitless budget, which car would you choose and how would you detail it?

I would detail my own Porsche Macan S. I’ll start by lowering it, getting my rims changed then the exhaust and some modifications to the engine.

What projects will you be working on in the future?

I will most likely build a better diorama garage to showcase my diecasts. Additionally, I am planning to start a small diecast customisation business.

Motorist In The Passenger Seat Alden Tan Tinycarworks Diorama Garage July 2020
(Photo Credit: @tinycarworks)

If you'd like to see more of Alden's diecasts or maybe buy one, check him out on Instagram (@tinycarworks) and Youtube (TinyCar Works)!

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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