5 things that would drive neat-freak car owners insane!

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Maintaining a car can be mentally and physically exhausting for a neat freak. Especially with all these car gadgets and mandatory car decals to keep up with. Here are 5 things that would absolutely drive neat-freaks insane!

Warning: some of these pictures can be triggering.

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1. Watermarks


These rascals are formed after the rain has dried up on your car. For the most part, waxing and claying your car can be the first form of defence after the rain hits. After that's all damaged out however, small water spots can still appear. The only solution is to constantly prevent water from drying on the car - that's extra work.

2. Cluttered dashboard

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Junk belongs in the trunk! Better yet, out of view from the driver's seat. Imagine all the dust that's collected over the months, imagine the germs?! If you start sneezing, it's definitely thanks to these guys. Soft toys are not the only culprits for cluttering dashboards, bulky phone holders, tissue boxes and miscellaneous items are also the cause. Just keep the necessities to a minimum.

3. Car decals

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Some car decals are mandatory for parking rights and club memberships. How many do you actually need though? While most people are comfortable with decals on their cars, neat freaks go nuts looking at them. Clearly, an obstructed view of the road is never their best friends.

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4. Wet cup-holders

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A cold drink in a cup holder always results in a mess you can almost never fully clean. The dust trapped under the water after it dries, and the soda spillage just spells disaster. Cup cozies can be a good preventive measure to use, collecting the water droplets before reaching the bottom.

5. Charging cables

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On November 4 2016, a man lost control of his car thanks to a cable that got caught on his steering wheel. While these are daily conveniences we enjoy, being able to charge our phones in the car, they can be hazardous while driving. Unsightly cables should be limited to one per port and tied to prevent such an accident. Plus it just looks neater.

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