4 Reasons Why a Waterless Car Wash is the Best Way to Keep Your Car Clean

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist Shiokr Waterless Car Wash Benefits
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Keeping your car clean should be a priority for all car owners. But, is there better way to keeping your vehicle clean without using gallons of water?

When you mention car wash to most drivers, they will probably picture themselves lining up at petrol stations, getting their vehicles doused in water and soap, scrubbed clean with several rags and sponges, and wiped dry by the cleaners.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with that, except that it always involves large quantities of water. We’re talking about gallons of water that could fill a small swimming pool. Considering how water-scarced Singapore is, shouldn’t we be more efficient and cut down water usage when cleaning our vehicles?

With waterless car wash (yes, it’s a thing), you can do just that. Not only are you saving the environment, but it’s also a better way of keeping your vehicles clean.

In this article, we’ll be highlighting 4 benefits of a waterless car wash, and why we think drivers should give this environmentally-friendly method a try.

1) It Saves Water

Motorist Shiok Save Water(Photo Credit: Pexels)

The most obvious benefit is the fact that you’re doing your part for the environment by saving water. Instead of using large quantities of water for that one cleaning session, a waterless car wash only requires one bucket of water to rinse the cleaning towels.

Instead of water and soap, a waterless car wash uses high lubricity sprays and products to polish and clean the surface of your vehicle. Similar to water, these sprays will also capture dirt and dust particles, but they do a much better job.

Once applied on the bodywork of your car, the surface is simply wiped clean with a microfiber cloth, leaving a thin layer of polymer wax that protects your vehicle from dirt, UV-rays and moisture.

Do note that a waterless car wash is only able to clean vehicles with light dirt. If your car is caked with mud and grime, a waterless car wash might not be the best option.

2) You can Clean Your Car Anytime, Anywhere

Motorist Shiokr Convenience(Photo Credit: Pexels)

People always say Singaporeans enjoy queuing for things. However, this doesn’t apply to drivers who are looking to get their vehicles cleaned.

Most drivers tend to wash their vehicles after work or during weekends. During these peak periods, one can expect to wait up to an hour to get their cars cleaned. Would you want to wait that long for a car wash? We doubt it.

With a waterless car wash, you have the option to clean your vehicle at your own convenience, any place and time. Since you won’t be chained to a water source or tap, you can literally wash your car outside of designated washing bays in HDB car parks. Why? Since water isn’t used, there won’t be any soapy discharge or runoff water when cleaning your vehicle.

3) It Saves You Time and Money in the Long Run

Motorist Shiok Save Time Money
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As mentioned earlier, you’ll have to wait and queue up to get your car washed. And when it’s finally your turn, the cleaners, who are probably more focused on turnover and speed, might not do a good job in cleaning your vehicle.

Besides doing a rushed job, they might even cause micro scratches (due to haphazardness) on the surface of your car without you realizing. Eventually over time, these scratches will become more obvious, which will then cost you money to fixed through buffing.

Furthermore, if your car has existing scratches and cracks, exposing it to water can also increase the chances of rust forming. By going with the waterless route, rust and corrosion will definitely be reduced, thus prolonging the bodywork of your car.

4) There’s an On-Demand Car Wash App for it

Motorist Shiokr Banner
(Photo Credit: Shiokr)

We get it, you are busy with your work and family life. You are too tired after work on weekdays and too busy with the family on weekends to wash your car yourself. Luckily, there’s an on-demand car wash app just for you.

Called Shiokr, it is Singapore’s first waterless car wash on-demand service. Operating from a mobile application, car owners who want a waterless car wash service can reach out to groomers around their neighbourhood in a matter of minutes.

Motorist Shiokr(Screenshot: Shiokr)

For just S$14.90, groomers from your community will head down to your car’s location and do a full exterior clean of your car. The best part of it all, you don’t have to be present during the cleaning process. All you need to do is park your car, use the app to book a wash, and inform the groomer where your car is parked.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Shiokr only uses top of the line cleaning products. In fact, their car wash formula is also used on Air Force One, military and corporate planes around the world.

Shiokr also trains their groomers well to ensure your car is properly cleaned. According to the company, the risk of scratches and swirl marks on your car will always be kept to a minimal.

Once cleaned, your vehicle will also be protected by a special layer of UV-coating, giving your car a gleaming shine that can’t be achieved through a regular wash.

Download the Shiokr app now to enjoy the services of an environmentally-conscious company that is taking the act of washing a car to a whole other level. Use the promo code ‘MOTORISTSG to enjoy S$5 OFF your first Shiokr waterless car wash. This promotion is only valid to the first 50 users, so act fast!

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