Buying a New Car? Purchase These Used Cars Instead

Published by on . Updated on 30 Jun 2020

Motorist New Vs Used Value Comparison Car June 2020
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Whether you are looking for a practical family car or an exciting sports car, buying a used car will garner you significant savings, or even allow you to buy a car that would typically be out of your price range if they were new!

To prove our point, here are some new cars that belong to different categories, which cater to different budgets. We will compare them to some used car equivalents from our used car listings:

Family Sedans - Budget: S$60,000

If your budget is within this range, this is what you could get yourself from a new car dealership: a Perodua Myvi – that’s 985kg’s worth of prime Malaysian steel.

Motorist New Vs Used Car Value Comparison June 2020
(Photo Credit: Perodua)

At the time of writing, the 1.3l, 94hp Myvi is on sale for S$58,999.

Too undignified for you? Check out what you could get instead on our used car listings for a similar price:

Motorist New Vs Used Value Comparison Audi Sedan June 2020
(Photo Credit: Motorist)

The luxurious Audi A4 sedan is not only larger and more comfortable than the Perodua, it also gets you to places quicker, with 158hp on tap, and a century sprint timing of just 8.2 seconds!

Family Sedans - Budget: S$80,000

For S$80,999, you could get yourself a brand-new Kia Cerato L, which is the lowest trim amongst the Cerato line-up in Singapore. This base-specification model is so bare-bones that it doesn’t even come with keyless entry!

Motorist New Vs Used Value Comparison Kia Sedan June 2020
(Photo Credit: Kia)

Instead of driving a bare-bones Kia, what about a BMW 3-series instead?

Motorist New Vs Used Value Comparison Bmw Sedan June 2020
(Photo Credit: Motorist)

It is not just a premium upgrade, but at only S$48,368, you’ll also be saving an eye-popping S$32,631!

Sports Cars - Budget: S$130,000

If you’re looking for a sports car, one of the cheapest options that you can find is the Subaru BRZ, which comes in at S$136,800. Of course, this means that you’ll have to exceed your budget by a good S$6,800.

Motorist New Vs Used Value Comparison Sports Car June 2020
(Photo Credit: Subaru)

Why not consider this drop-top Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet instead. It will only cost you S$110,000! That’s S$26,800 less than the Subaru!

Motorist New Vs Used Value Comparison Mercedes Sports Car June 2020
(Photo Credit: Motorist)

Supercars - Budget: S$500,000

If you’re looking for a supercar, the minimum you’ll have to fork out is at least half a million dollars for a Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0l.

Motorist New Vs Used Value Comparison Super Car June 2020
(Photo Credit: Porsche)

What if we told you that you could get an Audi R8 (the same kind driven by Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies) right now from our used car listings for just S$180,000? This 2008 R8 also cost around half a million dollars when it was new, but you only need pay the price of a new German luxury sedan to get yourself this supercar now.

Motorist New Vs Used Value Comparison Super Car Audi R8 June 2020
(Photo Credit: Motorist)

Your dream of owning a supercar doesn’t seem that out of reach anymore, does it?

Tempted to check out what other amazing used car deals you can find? Check out more cars on our used car listings!

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