Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a Honda in Singapore

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Motorist Honda Car
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Not sure which car to get next? Ever considered a Honda Civic or Honda Jazz? Read on as we break down the reasons why a Honda should be among your top choices when buying a car!
1) Practicality: Industry-Leading Cabin Space

Honda Jazz
Ultra Seats on Honda's Jazz
(Photo Credit: Kah Motors)

Anyone familiar with Hondas will tell you that they are supremely practical.

Hondas tend to have industry-leading cabin space that rival cars above its class. For example, the Honda Civic has a rear legroom space of 37.4 inches, which is even more than the BMW 5 Series’ 36.5 inches!

Honda also exercises innovative interior packaging techniques, like the “Ultra Seats” on its Jazz, which not only fold down for you to load long items, but also fold up so you can carry taller items too.

2) Reliability and Resale Value

Motorist Honda Car(Photo Credit: Motorist)

Hondas have a reputation for being reliable cars. This means that you are unlikely to have to worry about unexpected and costly trips to the workshop. Instead, the average Honda driver will get to enjoy years of fuss-free motoring!

When it’s time to sell your car, your Honda will also hold its value well due to the popularity of the Honda brand, and favourable perceptions of Honda’s reliability.

Don’t believe us? Check out our inventory of used Honda cars on our Used Car Listing.

3) Fun-to-Drive

Motorist Honda Car
Famed F1 driver Ayrton Senna in a Honda F1 car
(Photo Credit: Honda Racing WTCR)

Think you have to buy a Ferrari just to get some Formula One (F1) DNA in your car? Honda has had a prodigious track record with F1, gaining multiple race victories, and pole positions. The brand even provides engines to multiple F1 teams, such as Red Bull and McLaren.

With its F1 lineage and reputation for innovative engineering, you can be sure that Honda provides the most bang for your buck when it comes to drivability.

After all, a whole generation of Ah Bengs driving Civics can’t be wrong, can they?

4) Value-for-Money

Motorist Honda Car Value For Money(Photo Credit: Pexels)

We have seen that Hondas are practical, reliable, hold their value well, and are fun-to-drive. Yet, Honda cars are priced similarly to other Japanese and Korean makes.

Choosing to buy a Honda thus seems like a no-brainer: you get great features and drivability that other cars in its price range simply cannot match.

5) It's Not Just a Car Company

Buy Next Used Car
The HondaJet
(Photo Credit: Honda)

Did you know that Honda not only produces cars, but products ranging from lawnmowers to jet-skis, and even private jets (which use Honda's self-designed jet engines)? Honda has even delved into AI with its ASIMO robot project!

With a consistent track record in creating innovative engineering solutions to improve the performance of its engine, Honda buyers can be assured that are not buying something designed simply as a consumer product.

After all, Honda, with its S2000 sports car, held the record for the highest horsepower per litre in a production naturally-aspirated engine for a whopping 11 years, until Ferrari finally took over that title in 2010.

The passion and engineering that Honda dedicate to all of their products is clear to see, and that translates too into their cars.

Considering a Used Honda? Good News!

We have a wide selection of used Honda cars available for sale. Here are three Honda models we recommend from our Used Car Listings:

Honda Jazz:

Motorist Honda Jazz
A compact hatchback with the space and practicality of an MPV
(Photo Credit: Motorist)

Honda Civic:

Motorist Honda Civic
Punchy with a well-packaged interior
(Photo Credit: Motorist)

Honda City:

Motorist Honda City
A compact-class car that easy to manoeuvre, but doesn't sacrifice interior space
(Photo Credit: Motorist)

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