4 Things Drivers with Pets Know All Too Well

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Adorable Animal Canine 134392(Photo Credit: Pexels)

We take our four-legged fur babies for a ride sometimes, to the groomers, playdates or on a leisurely drive. They're as equally exhausting as an actual baby, but we love them to bits.

Here are four things car owners with pets know all too well.

1. Fur Everywhere

Waterproof Pet Dog Seat Hammock Cover Car Suv Van Back Rear Bench Protector Mats 4723 3099769 F0d67efa47c23b115a2bdeec778aea77 Zoom
(Photo Credit: Lazada)

Everything is covered with fur and slobber. Your seats, the dashboard, and even the roof. If you have leather car seats, this makes things even worse - but we have a solution. Protector mats! These pet-friendly covers protect your car seats from getting wet and covered in fur. Cleaning is made simple, take the mat out and wash. You can find it on Shopee.

2. Constant barking/meowing

'Hey, quiet back there! I can't hear the GPS!', as much as we like to think our pets can understand us, Lil' Captain Marvel probably doesn't know the difference between yes and no. Usually when this happens, you pet is a little disoriented from being in a moving vehicle. The only good distraction? Food. Your pet will be too preoccupied chowing down to make a noise.

3. Hitting you while you're driving

Cu Dachshund Side(Photo Credit: Lazada)

Pets like to do that, don't they? Hitting you with their tails and paws, causing you to swerve. To keep you and your pet safe while driving, consider getting a seat belt for your pet. Yup, a seatbelt - who would've guessed? You can find it on Lazada. A small price to pay for safety.

4. Flung about

Car Dog(Photo Credit: Lazada)

While a seatbelt can be used on bigger dogs, smaller pets like cats and dogs are notorious for being thrown around the car while you're driving at a bend or stopping abruptly. For a safe and comfortable ride for the mini ones, a travelling carrier pouch that can be attached to your car seat is the best bet!

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