For Drivers: 10 Car-Related Products to Buy this Black Friday

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Online Shopping Lazada Black Friday(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Black Friday brings along some of the biggest deals both in-stores and online once a year. So, with Black Friday just a day away, we compiled a list of 10 car products that are worth buying.

Just ten days ago, the world experienced the madness of the Single’s Day sale. First originating in China, the Single’s Day sale (named for its date, 11/11, or 11 November) is supposed to be a day for single people in China to pamper themselves with massively discounted goods.

Now, it has become a worldwide shopping phenomenon. On a similar note, Black Friday, which was thought about by America, is another occasion where people around the world go crazy with shopping.

With Black Friday just a day away, we compiled a list of 10 car products that are worth buying. These products below can be found on the online store, Lazada and their prices are correct as of 21 November 2018. All products are available with free shipping in Singapore, unless otherwise stated.

1) Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (S$36.99, Free shipping for orders above S$80 from the same seller)

Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner(Photo Credit: Lazada)

Any car owner, especially those with young children, will tell you that is extremely hard to clean every nook and cranny of the car where dust, soil and crumbs can collect. That’s why a small handheld Vacuum Cleaner can be very useful.

Cordless and powered by a rechargeable battery, such a Vacuum Cleaner would be able to get into those tight areas in your car inaccessible by a manual cleaning. Also, maintaining the Vacuum Cleaner is really simple, as the filter inside is removable and easily washable.

2) Car Cleaning Tool Kit (S$13.76)

Car Cleaning Tool Kit(Photo Credit: Lazada)

How many tools do you need to wash your car? Well, some people think a cloth is enough, but we beg to differ. Why only have one item when you can have a whole cleaning kit consisting of 7 cleaning tools!

This cleaning kit contains three Wax Towel Cakes, a Tire Brush, a high and low wool Car Sponge, a Glass Towel, a Tricot Towel, a Waffle Lattice and a Washing Glove. With so many different tools available, there is now no excuse for not washing your car!

3) Dash Camera (S$35)

Dash Camera(Photo Credit: Lazada)

A Car Dash Cam now seems to be an essential tool to capture moments on the road for shaming educating other drivers on their mistakes, and also to help claim insurance after an incident involving yourself or other vehicles.

This particular Dash Cam is a good budget option for drivers. Included in the purchase is a front and rear camera recording, showing 170-degree wide angle lens video at 1080p quality on a four-inch LCD screen. The camera also has a sensor to record emergency clips when it detects sudden braking or movements in front and a Night Vision feature to record clear clips at night.

4) Car Mount Phone Holder (S$34.90, S$1.49 Delivery)

Car Mount Phone Holder(Photo Credit: Lazada)

This is a simple, straightforward and easy-to-use Phone Holder. This Phone Holder works via suction and an adhesive gel that should be able to attach itself to your dashboard or windscreen easily and securely.

The arm is also textured with Carbon Fibre to add a touch of style to your vehicle, and your phone would be rotatable 360-degrees for easy viewing.

5) Air Conditioning Vent Mount Magnetic Phone Holder (S$9.39)

Air Conditioning Vent Mount Magnetic Phone Holder(Photo Credit: Lazada)

If you don’t like the idea of an arm extending out of your dashboard or windscreen, sometimes obscuring your view slightly, there is another option. This Phone Holder is attachable to one of your Air Conditioning Vents with a clip at the back of it.

It is also magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about the Phone Holder scratching the sides of your phone. As a nice extra feature, it also has a wired clip, so you can leave your charging cable attached to the holder. Thus, you won’t need to scour the entirety of your car when your phone needs a juice up.

6) Wireless Charging Car Mount Phone Holder ($26.90)

Wireless Charging Car Mount Phone Holder(Photo Credit: Lazada)

For people who own smartphones with a wireless charging feature, this is the car mount for you! This Wireless Charging Car Mount is a cross between the two previous models above. It is both attachable to your car’s air-conditioning vent and can also be held by clips.

This Phone Holder’s party trick is its Wireless Charging pad. Using Qi-certified Wireless Charging technology, you can just dock your (Wireless Charging compatible) phone into the holder and watch it charge as you drive along. Using such a Phone Holder would mean you don’t have to fumble for charging cables in your car while on the move!

7) Phone Charger (S$29.90, S$1.49 Delivery)

Phone Charger(Photo Credit: Lazada)

On long drives, it is extremely important to keep your phone charged. While most of the newer cars come equipped with USB charging points, some older cars only have the cigarette lighter socket. For the latter, a compatible Phone Charger would be needed to charge up devices.

This Phone Charger is meant for cars that still have the Cigarette lighter socket built in. The charger has 5 USB ports in it, so it is more than enough to help charge everyone’s phone for the long drive up north!

8) Car Jump Starter ($36.79, S$1.49 Delivery)

Car Jump Starter(Photo Credit: Lazada)

In the old days, when your car’s battery ran out of juice, we would need another car to give your battery a jump-start to get it going. Now, with this new power bank, those days could soon be over!

This 12 Volt, 6000mAh Multi-Functional Car Jump Starter has the ability to start your car’s dead battery just with a jumper cable. With the power bank small size and its ability to charge up in only two to three hours, you can keep it in your car’s boot easily and conveniently whenever your car needs a jump!

9) Tyre Inflator (S$26.25)

Tyre Inflator(Photo Credit: Lazada)

While there are still some people who keep a spare tyre in their car, it takes up a lot of space in the boot and it does somewhat hamper fuel efficiency due to its weight. So, why not have a portable, lightweight tyre inflator in your car instead?

This Tyre Inflator has an output of 12 Volts and a maximum air pressure of 150PSI, so it should do a quick job when one of your tyres are flat. However, this inflator only works for cars which have the cigarette lighter socket. Just plug it the inflator’s three-metre-long cable into the socket and set the tyre pressure you want, and the inflator will do the rest!

10) Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (S$38.60)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System(Photo Credit: Lazada)

Another tyre-related gadget you should have in your car is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Connected to four external sensors, the TPMS is necessary for safe driving and keeping the tyre working within the specified pressure and temperature range at all times. That way, the risk of damage on the tyre could be reduced significantly.

The way this works is you need to install the external sensors onto your car’s tyres as per the instructions. The digital display can be attached to your windscreen, and it receives details from the four external sensors such as the tyre’s pressure and temperature. Furthermore, the display can be powered by either a traditional USB port charge or by solar energy, which is plentiful in sunny Singapore!

Hope you found this list of car-related gifts and gadgets useful! Let us know which car gadget you find most useful for your car, and let us know if you think we missed out any important gadget essentials to your car that you can purchase online. Happy shopping this holiday season!

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Alicia Soh
i got #1 during the black Friday sale - very essential for drivers with young kids like me ?

over 5 years ago

#3 and #4 are the most useful ones for me. thinking of getting the magnetic phone holder too since i've never really liked how my phone holder would extend out of my dashboard..

over 5 years ago