7 Thoughts Everyone Has When Learning How to Drive

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For most, getting your driver’s licence in the shortest time possible might be the ultimate “flex”. After all, it is always cool to be the first behind the wheel amongst your friends.

Egos aside, getting your licence is really a sign that you’re growing up. Even if you can’t afford a car just yet, learning how to drive is equivalent to a rite of passage for Singaporeans above the age of 18.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 7 thoughts every Singaporean has when learning how to drive.

1) Private or School?

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As a hopeful youth in Singapore, you might not have the luxury of unlimited funds at your disposal. Choosing between private instructors or school instructors can therefore affect your expenditure in this journey towards your licence.

You’d often hear debates about the choice of learning for your driving. You’ll also hear alleged rumors of unethical and impatient instructors that have low tolerance towards you.

Whatever the case is, these arguments can leave you in a further dilemma about your options.

Fortunately, here at Motorist, we have broken down the cost of each option in our previous article. Through this comprehensive breakdown, it at least gives you a chance to decide for yourself.

2) Class 3A or 3?

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Auto or stick? Perhaps the glory days of manual transmission are long gone. Manual gearboxes are almost obsolete in today’s day and age. Automatic cars are just generally more reliable.

According to some, taking the test for class 3A is also ‘’easier to pass’’.

Amidst the obvious choice, there is still that little voice inside your head persuading you to consider a manual licence. A class 3 licence allows you to drive both manual and auto transmission in Singapore. Not only that, it provides you more options when renting your vehicles overseas.

Most importantly, you earn the privilege to tell your friends, “Eh bro, I can drive a manual car leh!”.

3) Location

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As a busy millennial, or in some cases, grown adults, CONVENIENCE is the most important factor in your learning process.

There are three driving centres in Singapore. Firstly ComfortDelgro Driving Centre (CDC) located at Ubi, Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC) at Bukit Batok and Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC) at Woodlands.

Regardless of learning through private instructors or in a school, everyone must take their theory and practical lessons at these driving centres.

Choosing the right location saves a lot of valuable travel time and can significantly increase your motivation to learn.

4) Competent Private Driving Instructors

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There are many occasions when you have that lingering uncertainty about your private instructor. These unhealthy thoughts sometimes manifest into doubt. After all, these private instructors have their own style of teaching, and do not have the protocols or procedures similar to schools.

You can find a host of platforms reviewing different private instructors online. It warns you of unethical or low patient instructors, and even recommend you good ones!

It is important to note that the accommodation of teaching style is subjective. Finding the ideal driving instructor is really a hit and miss situation.

Therefore, it is useful to have “guinea pigs” that have tried and tested these instructors before you.

5) “Must Keep Pretending to Check Blind Spot!”

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Remembering to constantly check your blind spot is perhaps an age-old advice from many. Failing to do so warrants you demerit points during your practical test. After all, you are endangering the people around you.

While it is always important to check your blind spot, checking diligently and only when necessary is the right way to go.

If you’re only worried about the demerit points during the test, maybe you should reconsider your mindset!

6) Being an “Expert Driver”

G(GIF Credit: GIPHY)

For a first-timer, maneuvering around traffic and being in control of the vehicle can really have a “shiok” feeling. Applying more pressure on the accelerator also gives an exhilarating adrenaline.

At Motorist, we reckon that many of Singaporeans can get overly-excited when they experience driving for the first time.

Many of us are perhaps guilty of having our minds being somewhere else while learning. The thought of being closer to the supper and late night supper sessions with our friends or simply ferrying our loved ones is indeed hard to resist.

These impatient thoughts, can really turn into complacency for many of us!

7) Stress During the Actual Test

S(GIF Credit: GIPHY)

The wait before the practical test can be both nerve wrecking and painstaking.

Plenty of doubts begin to cast as the jitters overwhelm you. Thoughts of failing and spending more money or having a mind blank are some of the common things.

Unless you're super confident or a superhuman, stress during the practical test is extremely normal! So take a chill pill and just do your best!

Did we miss anything out? Do share with us your experiences when you learnt how to drive. For those who hadn’t gotten or is in the midst of taking their licence, we wish you all the best!

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