Car Feng Shui: 8 Tips to Prosper in the Year of the Rat

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist Cny Feng Shui Prosper Year Of The Rat Cover(Photo Credit: Chinese New Year)

The Year of the Rat is rapidly approaching us, and you’ll probably drive around to go ‘bai nian’. Here’s some tips on how to make your car’s feng shui better!

Chinese New Year (CNY) comes earlier this 2020, and that means it’s time to start working on the yearly traditions. Buying CNY goodies, spring cleaning and of course, preparing mandarins for when we go visit our families!

Speaking of visiting, many of us own cars and we’ll probably be driving them around this festive season. But how can we usher in the new year with better luck?

Here are eight tips to help you prosper in the Year of the Rat. Huat ah!

1. Keep a Bottle of Water in the Car

Motorist Cny Feng Shui Prosper Year Of The Rat Water Bottle(Photo Credit: Wide Open Eats)

Water portrays clarity and cleansing in the Chinese culture, which is why it’s very important that you have a bottle of water seated nicely in your car.

Place it near the front of your car, such as in the cup holder, but remember to never leave it at the back. According to Yin and Yang, water near the back of a house is bad feng shui, which could apply to your car as well.

Not only that, the bottle of water also helps to get rid of negative electromagnetic energy that is emitted from electronic devices.

2. Turn Off Electronic Devices

Motorist Cny Feng Shui Prosper Year Of The Rat Turn Off Electronics(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Speaking of which, when you’re driving, it’s pretty difficult to use a device, not to mention that it can be considered as an offence. Electronic devices emit radiation, which is also negative electromagnetic energy. You can get rid of this by reading the tip above.

However, if you must use a device, such as your mobile phone, for reasons such as maps or music, you should use only one device at a time. Switch off any unused devices and pack them safely inside your car.

The fewer devices you use, the better the ‘chi’ in your car will be.

3. Music Gives You Serenity

Motorist Cny Feng Shui Prosper Year Of The Rat Music(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

Serenity is a feeling of calmness and peace, which is how feng shui should make you feel. Driving around can be stressful, and the anger caused by other people could cloud your judgement once you step behind the wheel.

To remove this negative energy, aka ‘chi’, turn on some calming music. Everyone has different music tastes; find the kind of music that calms you down and make a playlist with those songs. Start this playlist at a reasonable volume when you get into the car and drown your worries in the tunes.

4. Invoke Some Lucky Colours

Motorist Cny Feng Shui Prosper Year Of The Rat Lucky Colours(Photo Credit: Unsplash)

Every Chinese New Year, there will be a new set of predictions for each animal in the zodiac. These predictions include lucky colours, lucky numbers and compatibility rates for each animal.

Spruce up your car’s interior with something colourful! Let’s take a look at this year’s lucky colours.

Rat: Grey, Brown

Ox: Red, Orange, White, Gold

Tiger: Grey, Brown, Green

Rabbit: Grey, Brown

Dragon: White, Gold

Snake: Grey, Brown, White, Gold

Horse: Red, Orange, Grey, Brown

Goat: Green, Grey, Brown

Monkey: Red, Orange

Rooster: Grey, Brown, Red, Orange

Dog: Green

Pig: Green, Grey, Brown

*The above information was taken from Way Fengshui Group.


5. Keep Your Windows Clean

Motorist Cny Feng Shui Prosper Year Of The Rat Clean Windows(Photo Credit: Pexels)

It’s said that the windows are the ‘eyes’ of the car. If you wear glasses, you’ll have to constantly clean them so you can see out of the them. The same goes for your car!

Making sure your windows aren’t grimy or caked with dirt is going to benefit you greatly. Besides the obvious use of visibility, having clean windows will help keep you safe and give you a clear vision of the future.

6. Clear the Clutter

Motorist Cny Feng Shui Prosper Year Of The Rat Cluttered Car(Photo Credit: Iron Chef Imports)

Speaking of keeping things clean, it’s super important that the interior of your car is not cluttered. Sure, there are times when we have to pack things into our cars for a journey, but we just have to remind ourselves not to hoard everything in our vehicles.

Having a messy interior distracts you from driving, but also brings a chaotic energy into your car, which is bad feng shui. Clean out your car to remove this negative energy and usher in the Chinese New Year by allowing positive energy to flow through.

7. Sprinkle Salt on the Floor Mats

Motorist Cny Feng Shui Prosper Year Of The Rat Salt On Floormats(Photo Credit: Pexels)

This might sound like a bit of a stretch, but salt wards off negative energy! Like how some people place bowls of salt in certain areas of their house, sprinkling some salt in your car will absorb any negative ‘chi’, thereby cleansing your vehicle.

Just a light sprinkle on the floor mats will suffice. Salt doesn’t attract insects either so you don’t have to worry about unwanted pests. Vacuum your car every week and sprinkle salt again after the clean-up.

If you drive a Grab or Ryde, or participate actively in carpooling, your guests can leave energy in your car. Sometimes, this can be negative energy. The salt will absorb this negativity, resulting in your guests leaving your car in a better mood.

8. Auspicious Ornaments and Lucky Crystals

Motorist Cny Feng Shui Prosper Year Of The Rat Auspicious Ornaments Crystals(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

With each new set of predictions for each CNY, some signs are compatible with other signs some years, and aren’t compatible for other years. Getting an ornament of the sign you’re compatible with will bring you good luck this coming year.

Let’s see which zodiac signs you may be compatible with.

Your Zodiac

Compatible Zodiac(s)


Ox, Dragon, Monkey


Rat, Snake, Rooster


Horse, Dog


Goat, Pig


Rooster, Rat, Monkey


Ox, Rooster


Tiger, Goat


Horse, Rabbit


Snake, Rat, Dragon


Ox, Snake


Rabbit, Horse


Rabbit, Goat

Aside from this, birthstones or lucky crystals can help improve your ‘chi’. Each zodiac sign has a different crystal that resides with them, and each crystal gives off different energies.

Rat: Garnet – improves vitality and health

Ox: Aquamarine – heals emotional trauma, relieves stress, brings peace

Tiger: Sapphire – for energy and healing

Rabbit: Pearl – attracts balance and cooling energy

Dragon: Amethyst – clears unnecessary mind clutter, calms emotions

Snake: Opal – attracts good luck, relieves depression, improves finances

Horse: Topaz – brings good fortune, promotes good sleep

Goat: Emerald – attracts good luck, restores hope, calms the nervous system

Monkey: Peridot – ease stress, inspire happiness, strengthens the immune system

Rooster: Citrine – strengthens self-esteem, improves digestion

Dog: Diamond – cleanses energy, dispels fears, clears mental pain

Pig: Ruby – gives courage, builds confidence, helps overcome exhaustion

*The above information was taken from The Spruce.

Do you have any feng shui tips of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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