Best Places in Singapore to Watch the 2020 New Year Fireworks

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Cover(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

2020 is almost here, and what better way to celebrate the start of the new year than with a fireworks show? Here are the top spots to catch the bright lights display in Singapore.

Time passes by so quickly – it’s already the end of 2019! As we say goodbye to this past year, and past decade, we Singaporeans have the tradition of watching fireworks once the clock strikes midnight.

And yes, watching the colourful explosions on TV just doesn’t have the same kick as experiencing them first-hand. But where can we go?

Here’s a list of the best spots in Singapore to catch the 2020 fireworks.

Where the Fireworks Will Appear

First things first, where will fireworks take place? There are two spots with bigger firework displays – The Float @ Marina Bay and Siloso Beach in Sentosa.

Annually, these spots throw big countdown parties that attract big crowds, all pumped up with the New Year spirit. When midnight strikes, the fireworks explode, and everyone is giddy with excitement and ushering in the New Year.

Free Spots

The Lawn @ Marina Bay

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Lawn At Marina Bay(Photo Credit: Eventfinda)

A large space open to the public, The Lawn is a really good area for you to catch the fireworks! Grab a picnic blanket, some good food and celebrate the coming of 2020 with your loved ones. Enjoying the company of the right people will be a really good start to the year.

Also, from 5pm to 1am on New Year’s Eve, there’s an event taking place – Starlight. Enjoy carnival games, stage performances, and bring your kids to play in the bouncy castle!

The Promontory @ Marina Bay

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Promontory At Marina Bay(Photo Credit: Red Dot Design Museum)

This large house-shaped area of grass is another great place for a picnic! Situated a distance away from other attractions like the Merlion and the Fullerton Hotel, snagging a spot here would assure you a great view of the fireworks this New Year’s.

The icing on the cake – Mediacorp’s Let’s Celebrate 2020 is taking place at The Promontory. Starting at 7:30pm, look forward to a showcase of dance, music and fashion performances. Catch local artists like Jasmine Sokko, Benjamin Kheng, Ramli Sarip and more, all for free!

Merlion Park

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Merlion Park(Photo Credit: The Straits Times)

The Merlion – half lion, half fish – an icon of Singapore. Imagine taking a picture in front of that with the fireworks in the background! Sounds good? Then head down to Merlion Park this New Year’s Eve.

To celebrate the start of the new decade, watch the Build a Dream Light Projection Show taking place at The Fullerton Hotel, ArtsScience Museum and The Merlion. Marvel as colourful patterns swirl around on the iconic statue, and take countless pictures to upload to Instagram!

Esplanade Bridge

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Esplanade Bridge(Photo Credit: Flickr // David Wong)

Is the Merlion Park too crowded for your taste? Take a walk down the Esplanade Bridge and watch the fireworks from there instead! One of the many bridges you can watch the fireworks from, this bridge is a great alternative if other areas are too packed.

Helix Bridge and Benjamin Sheares Bridge

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Helix Bridge(Photo Credit: Essential Home)

The Helix Bridge is iconic because its unique design, and serves as a walkway to Marina Bay Sands from the Marina Bay Grandstand. Fitted with panels to protect visitors from the rain, you don’t have to worry about getting drenched as you watch the fireworks from the pedestrian bridge.

Or how about taking in the view from the longest bridge in Singapore? The Benjamin Sheares Bridge, spanning at 1.8km long, it’s another popular firework-watching spot.

Both bridges are located near The Float, so you’ll be able to see the celebrations and have front-row seats to the fireworks show!

Marina Barrage

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Marina Barrage(Photo Credit: NUS News)

With a large green expanse perfect for picnics and games, the Marina Barrage is another great spot to catch the fireworks. Although it’s a little further away compared to the other spots on the list, you’ll still have an amazing view of the light explosions.

Bonus: if you arrive early to snag a spot, you may even be able to watch the sunset!

Bay East Garden

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Bay East Garden(Photo Credit: Gardens By The Bay)

Located at Gardens By The Bay, this lush greenery is perfect for both locals and tourists alike. With an entrance from Marina Barrage, walk into Bay East Garden and enjoy the scenery and the fireworks from a respectable distance.

Open 24/7 with free admission, this spot is a good choice for visitors who want to kick back and relax while avoiding massive crowds.

Sentosa Island

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Sentosa(Photo Credit: Flickr // GeokChuan)

If you happen to be at Sentosa when the fireworks go off, you can catch a glimpse of them anywhere when you look up.

The Boardwalk is one of the best places to catch the explosions for free, as it has the clearest view. Alternatively, you can catch a ride on the monorail and watch the fireworks as you pass by, or spend a good night out with your friends!

Faber Peak

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Faber Peak(Photo Credit: Singapore Brides)

Located atop Mount Faber, this is a great spot for tourists and locals alike. With a cable car system installed linking to Sentosa, visitors can watch the fireworks from inside their cable cars, as well as enjoy the thrill of the latter.

Faber Peak is also home to Dusk Restaurant and Bar, which we will talk about more in a later section.

Payment Required

Siloso Beach (Party)

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Siloso Beach Party(Photo Credit: SG Magazine)

If you want 2019 to go out with a bang, the Siloso Beach Party is the place to be! From 6pm on New Year’s Eve all the way to 6am on New Year’s Day, this party is a great way to end the current decade.

Tickets start at S$68 for advance booking, but can rise up depending on the package you want.

Grab your friends and head down to Siloso Beach for the party of a lifetime and an amazing fireworks display that will be etched in your mind throughout the next decade.

Restaurants and Bars


Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Restaurant Lantern(Photo Credit: burpple)

Located atop the Fullerton Bay Hotel, this rooftop bar is perfect for diners to sip some champagne and gaze out at the first-class view of the fireworks show. Put on your fancy clothes and partake in the Lantern’s New Year’s Eve party package.


  • Table Package: S$1,680 nett; cover charge for additional person at S$180 nett
  • Cover charge w/o table: S$160 nett per person

Visit their website to see the full benefits that come with the package.


Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Restaurant Lavo(Photo Credit: LAVO)

Situated on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands, watch the fireworks display from the LAVO Italian restaurant. With a wonderful New Year’s Party package, enjoy the party in the comfort of your smart casual outfits.

Interested? Tickets are sold out online unfortunately, but you can still contact LAVO to make a reservation today through their email or phone number.

Smoke & Mirrors

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Restaurant Smoke And Mirrors(Photo Credit: The Hedonist Magazine)

A famous place for drink lovers, this bar provides a great atmosphere and view of the colourful explosions. Located on Level 6 of the National Gallery Singapore, enjoy the New Year’s Eve Fiesta and usher in 2020 with your loved ones.


  • Standing Ticket: S$220++ per pax
  • Indoor Package: S$1088++ per table
  • Outdoor Package: S$1488++ for 6 pax

Visit their website for more information.

Cé La Vi

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Restaurant Ce La Vi(Photo Credit: Marina Bay Sands)

Fancy name for a fancy restaurant. Perched on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, dine out with friends and spend the last hours of 2019 here! With a Vegas-themed party starting from 8pm, you can ensure an amazing view when the clock strikes 12.


  • S$138 per pax (sold out)

Don’t be disappointed finding out their online tickets are sold out! Cé La Vi will be selling At-the-Door tickets on the day itself for visitors. However, they are subject to availability, so reach early to snag some passes!

For more information, visit the website.

Mr Stork

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Restaurant Mr Stork(Photo Credit: FestGround)

A fully-outdoor restaurant, completed with adorable tepees, Mr Stork is the place to be to catch awesome fireworks as a backdrop for your next Instagram post. With a wonderful array of delectable food and cocktails, you’ll definitely enjoy spending time here!


  • S$291.90 per pax

Keep in mind that physical tickets for entry to the party have to be collected on 31st December from 5pm to 11pm.

More detailed information is located on their website.


Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Restaurant Level33(Photo Credit: SG Magazine)

Located at Level 33 of Marina Boulevard, hence the name, the World’s Highest urban Microbrewery is the perfect place to wine and dine. Snag a seat at the Terrace for front-row seats to the fireworks, or gaze at it from the safety of the Dining and Social Rooms.


Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Restaurant 1 Altitude(Photo Credit: 1-Altitude)

1-Altitude Gallery & Bar is the highest open-aired bar in the world, offering a 360-degree view of the city skyline, making it perfect for catching the fireworks display at midnight. Enjoy a Luxe and Tux party as well, which starts only after the fireworks show.


  • S$88 per pax

To find out more about their other parties, visit their website.


Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Restaurant Zafferano(Photo Credit: Zafferano)

Located on the 43rd floor at the Ocean Financial Centre, Zafferano is another great spot for fireworks viewing and dining. Aside from the Gala and Sunset Dinners, Zafferano has also set up a Countdown Party for patrons to usher in the new decade.


  • Gala Dinner: S$500++ per pax
  • Sunset Dinner: S$98++ per pax
  • Countdown Party: S$250++ per pax

To see the menus and benefits, take a trip to their website.

Dusk Restaurant and Bar

Motorist Spots Watch New Years Fireworks 2020 Restaurant Dusk(Photo Credit: One Faber Group)

Perched atop Faber Peak is a restaurant with a gorgeous view, perfect for those who want to catch the fireworks show from Sentosa. Spend time with that special someone and enjoy the scenery away from the huge crowds. Once you’re done eating, you can even take a cable car ride!

Overall, we hope that these spots are good suggestions for everyone spending New Year’s in Singapore. If you’re unable to afford paying for these parties, don’t worry. Spending quality time with loved ones is what counts – even the cheapest picnic at one of the free spots listed above will do.

Motorist would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Here’s to a fruitful 2020 and a good start to a new decade!

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