4 Things You Didn't Know About HDB Season Parking

Published by on . Updated on 5 Jan 2022

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‘Season Parking’ is an initiative created by the Housing & Development Board (HDB) for motorists to engage in long-term parking of their vehicles in HDB car parks. Here in this article, we explain the different types of season parking, and how to apply, renew, transfer and terminate them.
Types of Season Parking 

According to HDB’s official website, ‘Season Parking’ is a broad term that encompasses five different types of seasonal parking. Let’s take a quick look at them right now!

Season Parking

The most general form of season parking, hence the name. This basically allows motorists to park in any car park, as long as it is in the HDB car park group, without the need for parking coupons. It encourages long-term parking, which is very useful for residents staying in HDB blocks.

Charges are based on the type of vehicle and order of priority.

Family Season Parking (FSP)

FSP is a slightly different version of ‘Season Parking’. No, this isn’t season parking for your entire family. FSP allows you to park at car park lots near your family members’ home, even though those lots are reserved for other season parking holders. There is also no limit on how many FSP you can purchase.

FSP costs half the price of regular season parking, but varies according to the HDB car park group you will be parking at.

Temporary Parking for Bereaved Family Members

There are times when there are unexpected deaths in the family, and you may decide to hold a wake during these times. Immediate family members of the deceased may apply for this so that they may park their cars while at the wake. Keep in mind that this is for temporary parking.

Charges are as follows:

motorist-hdb-season-parking-know-hows-temporary-parking-bereaved-charges (Photo Credit: HDB)

Season Parking for Commercial Vehicles

If you are driving a commercial vehicle, this is for you! This one can be a little tricky to grasp, but we’re here to help you understand it.

The term “unladen weight” refers to the weight of the vehicle when it is not loaded with goods.

Commercial vehicles with unladen weight exceeding 1,800kg are typically not allowed to park at residential car parks due to environmental and safety concerns. Such vehicles are lorries, vans, etc. They’re only eligible for this type of season parking as long as the vehicle fits in the car park lots. Their unladen weight cannot pass 2,000kg.

However, if you drive a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV), and/or your vehicle’s unladen weight is below 1,800kg, you’re eligible to apply for this.

Charges are as follows:

motorist-hdb-season-parking-know-hows-commercial-season-parking (Photo Credit: HDB)

Concessionary Season Parking for Motorcycles (CSP)

As stated in the title, this is only for motorcyclists who already have valid HDB Season Parking. This scheme is an add-on to the current ‘Season Parking’ plan, which allows motorcyclists to park at more venues without paying short-term charges.

CSP is priced at a standard S$20 per month, regardless of whether you park your motorcycle in a surface or sheltered car park. For a clearer view of the charges, refer to the image below.

motorist-hdb-season-parking-know-hows-concessionary-season-parking(Photo Credit: HDB)

Now that we’ve established the different types of Season Parking, let’s get into the four know-hows!

1. How to Apply for Season Parking

motorist-hdb-season-parking-how-to-apply-for-season-parking(Photo Credit: TODAYonline)

This is the first step in getting season parking, of course. There are two basic ways to apply – through HDB’s eService or by downloading their app, ‘Mobile@HDB’, on the App Store or Google Play.

All you have to do is login with your Singpass and you’ll be able to apply!

Also, please take note of order of priority for parking lots. Top priority will go to the first vehicle owned by you, provided you own/rent an HDB flat. It can be a company-registered vehicle, or one that you bought by yourself. Booking dates start from the 1st of the month, and sales are from a first-come, first-served basis.

Second priority goes to HDB owners/tenants as well, but for your second and/or subsequent vehicle(s). Booking dates start from the 18th of the month, and is also by a first-come, first-served basis.

Lastly, third priority goes to residents who don’t own the vehicle, sub-tenants of flats and non-residents. Booking dates start from the 21st of the month.

Based on the location and type of car park you apply for, the amount you pay for Season Parking could be quite different from your peers.

motorist-hdb-season-parking-know-hows-season-parking-charges(Photo Credit: HDB)

For more details on the application procedure, please refer to HDB’s official website. Important notes to keep in mind:

  • Applying for FSP and ‘Temporary Parking for Bereaved Family Members’ will have to be done physically at any HDB Branch/Service Centre
  • The above procedure applies for ‘Season Parking for Commercial Cars’ and CSP as well
2. How to Renew Your Season Parking


Renewal for your season parking is done digitally, through five different methods:

GIRO scheme

 This is one of the more efficient methods as GIRO renews your season parking automatically, so you don’t have to worry about ever missing a payment. You will also be given a 2% rebate for each successful renewal transaction. To apply for this, you may download the online application form.

Print out and complete the application form, then mail it to the following address:

 Car Parks Department
West Wing 7th Storey, HDB Hub
 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
 Singapore 310480

Recurring Payment by Credit Card (RPCC)

This is another automated renewal transaction, where the amount you have to pay is charged to your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) on the 18th of every month, for the following month’s season parking charge. You can apply for this as long as you haven’t applied for the above GIRO scheme.

eService/Mobile Application

These two methods are placed together as payment methods are either by Credit Card or Debit Card (only Citibank, DBS, UOB, OCBC and Standard Chartered Bank).

AXS Stations

 The last method on the list, the AXS station. You may go to physical AXS stations, or you can use the AXS e-Station on the Motorist App to make payment more easily.


Under the ‘Maintain’ section, there is the option for ‘Season Parking’. Just click on it and it will lead you to an electronic AXS station for quick and fast payment!

3. How to Transfer Your Season Parking

motorist-hdb-season-parking-know-hows-how-to-transfer-season-parking(Photo Credit: The Business Times)

Let’s say you’re going to stay at a friend’s house, or you’re switching from a motorcycle to a car. You’re still going to need somewhere to park your vehicle. So, why not transfer your season parking instead of terminating and re-applying?

You can opt to transfer your season parking permanently or temporarily through HDB’s eService.

However, if you have done any of the following, you would have to change your In-vehicle Unit (IU) number instead:

  • Replaced your current vehicle’s IU
  • Changed your vehicle but retained the previous vehicle’s registration number
  • Updated an incorrect IU number (in the last 7 days)

On the other hand, if you are applying for temporary transfer, take note that you can only transfer it for a maximum of 31 days. This applies to parking at a different car park, or if you’re driving a replacement car while yours is in the workshop.

Charges for this service will vary according to the new transfer. Different vehicles are charged differently, as well as the type of car park you switch to. Depending on the change, you would either have to top up the difference or receive a refund from HDB.

4. How to Terminate Your Season Parking

motorist-hdb-season-parking-know-hows-how-to-terminate-season-parking(Photo Credit: PropertyGuru)

Last but not least, perhaps you’re migrating or moving to a private estate and no longer require HDB Season Parking. In cases like these, you might want to terminate it.

You may apply for termination through HDB’s eService platform or through their mobile app, Mobile@HDB.

After you have applied for the service, HDB will refund you the unused, unexpired portion of your Season Parking straight into your bank account within two weeks. But how much will you be refunded? Well, the refunded amount will be calculated from the day after you apply for termination up till the expiry date of your season parking.

For more information about how this is calculated, please refer to their website.


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