The Pros & Cons of Different Paint Protectors for Cars

Published by on . Updated on 20 Jul 2020

Car Ceramic Coating(Photo Credit: Alta Mere)

Paint protection products for cars have been around for a while. In general, they protect the car’s paint against damage and keep it shining, as if it has just left the showroom.

Besides protection against the elements, these products also help car owners with the upkeep of their vehicles. This in turn allows drivers to maintain the value of their vehicles in the used car market.

Currently, the most popular paint protectors in Singapore are wax, glass and ceramic coating. To find out which is the most beneficial for car owners, we decided to weigh out their pros and cons.

Car Wax

car wax(Photo Credit: Garage Chief)

The combination of acid rain, dust and the sun doesn’t exactly do wonders on our car’s paintwork. So many car owners will try to get their cars waxed a few times a year. Probably the simplest and cheapest option, wax protection does give the car some shine, but at the same time, quicken the damage to the paint.

Paraffin, the main ingredient in most car waxing products, is what gives a car its shine. However, it is greatly affected by heat and water, making its lifespan rather short in our hot and humid climate.

In addition, the oily nature of car wax also attracts dust particles that stick on the car surface. So when we wash our cars, these dust particles get swirled around, leaving tiny scratches on the paintwork.

If you bring your car to a waxing professional, they often use electrical buffers to polish your vehicle, leaving swirl marks. These swirl marks will also allow dust and acidic rain to enter tiny small abrasions in the car’s body.

This cycle continues every time we wax our cars. After multiple applications, what you will be left with is a damaged paint work. Your car might look nice and shiny with a fresh coat of wax in the beginning. But once the wax wears off after a few of months, your car will no longer be shiny, and the oxidisation process will quicken.

Pros: Affordable
Cons: Temporary and must be done a few times a year, dust particles will still get stuck on the car, buffing might leave small scratches on the car, and it might damage your car’s paint job in the long run.

Glass Coating

car cleaning(Photo Credit: Wash N Go)

Usually made out of silica, glass coatings contain particles of silicon dioxide applied on resin to form a thin and transparent coat on a car’s surface. It prevents the car’s paint from oxidising and keep the elements from damaging the paint.

Often, glass coatings give cars a ‘wet’ look, achieving a shine that most car owners desired. The coating forms a long-lasting bond with the car, repelling both water and dirt.

However, glass coatings are often expensive and it would take a couple of hours for most workshops to apply a layer. In addition, some workshops use glass coatings that contain organic compounds such as carbon.

For instance, acid rain, bird droppings, the sun and even car shampoo would react with the carbon in the glass coating. This might result in the weakening and fading of the car’s paint. To prevent this from happening, reapplication is often necessary. So expect to visit your workshop once every six months to a year for a do-over.

Pros: Long-lasting coat, repels dirt and water, and prevents rusting and oxidation

Cons: Long application period, organic compounds is affected by surroundings, reapplication is required every six months to a year.

Ceramic Coating

Car Ceramic Coating(Photo Credit: ToughGuard Singapore)

Ceramic coating is a liquid that can be applied to the car surface. When applied, it forms a protective hydrophobic layer via chemical bonding. It is very similar to a glass coating, offering almost all the same benefits but without some of its cons.

For ceramic coating, a layer of durable acrylic elements and polymers is applied to form a layer of protective coating. This coating acts like a glass barrier that is hard, transparent and anti-static.

In addition, it offers qualities like corrosion protection, and is resistant to water spotting and detergent. The smooth layer also helps to slow down environmental damage such as oxidation and rusting.

One of the signature qualities of a ceramic coating is how hydrophobic it is. Water is easily repelled and will simply bead and drip off. Because of this, you will only need to wash your car once a month with water. Dirt should easily come off with the swipe of a dry, clean cloth.

Similar to glass coating, ceramic coating doesn’t come cheap. A high-quality ceramic coating could cost a few hundred dollars. However, it could very well last you a few years.

Pros: Long-lasting coat, repels dirt and water, prevents rusting and oxidation, protect vehicle against minor scratches, only need to wash car once a month.

Cons: Higher pricing than glass coating.

Having weighed the pros and cons of each paint protection product, we feel ceramic paint protection offers the best option to car owners who are looking to preserve and protect their car. Despite the pricer cost, it offers longer lasting protection, without any negative side effects on your vehicle. Not only does it protect your vehicle against the elements, but it also doubles as a protective barrier against minor scratches.

With that settled, the key question to answer now is where should you go to get it done on your car?

QMI ToughGuard Car Grooming Centre(Photo Credit: ToughGuard Singapore)

The well-trained technicians at QMI ToughGuard Car Grooming Centre may have an answer to that question. They offer a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-based paint protection system for cars with a genuine 9H Ceramic Coating, making it almost impenetrable.

For those who don't know, PTFE is the same material used on non-stick frying pans. Known widely as ‘Teflon’, it creates a strong, anti-static, transparent, non-stick protective cover on the surfactant (first layer) of your car.

QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating(Photo Credit: ToughGuard Singapore)

Extremely hydrophobic, it is an aviation-grade Polymer glass coating that no one else is offering in Singapore. With over two decades of experience under their belt, you can be assured of its quality. If you are still having doubts, QMI ToughGuard offers a two-year long warranty with comprehensive coverage for all Ceramic 9H Paint Protection packages.

Besides the two-year warranty, QMI ToughGuard is also having a promotion for its Ceramic 9H Paint Protection package. It is currently priced at S$350 for saloon cars, and S$399 for MPVs and SUVs! With over 25 years of experience, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in good, professional hands.

Head over to QMI ToughGuard’s website or Facebook Page to find out more about the promotional package!

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I wish I was aware of the paint protecting options a few months ago. I made the fatal mistake of getting a paint job on my Toyota Camry, to fix a scrape, from a local mechanic shop. Today is looks as if the car was never painted in theat spot.

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