Car Feng Shui: 8 Tips to Prosper in the Year of the Pig

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Chinese New Year CNY Pigs lanterns Chinatown singapore(Photo Credit: Straits Times)

With the year of the Pig just around the corner, we could all use a little extra luck this new year. For those of us with cars, here are a few tips to improve your car for Chinese New Year!

Most drivers, ourselves included, spend at least an hour in their cars every single day. Therefore, it’s fair to say that our cars are like our second home. And like our homes, we want to live in a good and prosperous environment. Since most of us practice feng shui in our houses for Chinese New Year, why not do the same for our cars?

Here are eight car feng shui tips to prosper in the Year of the Pig! Huat ah!

1) Put on Some Music

Car radio music(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Once you step into your car, turn on your radio or connect your phone to the entertainment system and play some music. By doing so, you will be getting rid of the negative energy, or ‘chi’, in the car. That way, you will not only drive in a revitalised space, but the music should relax and calm you down for your journey.

2) Carry a Bottle of Water

water bottle car(Photo Credit: Wide Open Eats)

Water plays a very important part in Chinese culture. It represents clarity and thoughtfulness; thus, it can help improve your awareness while driving. This makes sense as staying hydrated while driving can help you stay alert while behind the wheel.

In addition, a bottle of water in the car can also help get rid of the negative energy that fills the space in the car. Such negative energy comes in the form of electromagnetic energy. These are usually emitted by electronic devices left in the car.

3) Sprinkle Salt on the Floor Mat

Salt bae car floormat sprinkle(Photo Credit: The Independent)

By sprinkling a small palmful of salt on the floor mat, it would help absorb any negative energy your passengers might bring into the car. This would be especially useful for those who provide private-hire services as you tend to have a number of different passengers on a regular basis.

As salt does not attract pests, unlike sugar, you don’t have to worry about unwanted pests in your car. Just vacuum the salt out on a regular basis, along with all the negative energy it has absorbed, and sprinkle fresh salt after.

4) Keep Some Stones or Sand on Board

stones sand in car(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Even though we are still technically connected to the ground while driving, some say it is not enough. By keeping some stones or sand in a small box in your glove compartment, you will remain ‘extra-grounded’ to the earth element while on the move.

5) Bring in Some Lucky Colours

multi many colours car(Photo Credit: Pexels)

As anyone familiar with feng shui would tell you, with every Chinese New Year, comes a new set of predictions, lucky numbers and colours for each individual zodiac. Regardless of whether the zodiac predictions say our year would be good, average or bad, we all could use a fresh splash of colour in our lives.

Here is the list of lucky colours you could add to your car in any shape or form based on the 12 different zodiacs.

Rat: Yellow, Brown, White, Gold

Ox: Blue, Black

Tiger: Red, Orange

Rabbit: Green

Dragon: Yellow, Brown, White, Gold

Snake: Red, Orange, White, Gold

Horse: Red, Orange

Goat: Green, Red, Orange

Monkey: Yellow, Brown, Blue, Black

Rooster: Yellow, Brown

Dog: Green, Red & Orange

Pig: Green

6) Clean up Your Car

cluttered car(Photo Credit: Flickr)

One of the core principles of feng shui is that clutter creates chaos and traps negative energy. Similarly, like how you would perform a spring cleaning at home before Chinese New Year, you should do the same for your car. By cleaning out all the trash and unnecessary clutter in your car, you would be allowing positive chi to flow through.

7) Clean Your Windows

dirty car window(Photo Credit: Jeff Milner)

Dirty car windows are not only ugly, but it also dampens visibility. Another core feng shui principle about cars is that windows are considered the eyes of the vehicle. In other words, keep your windows clean to improve safety and to allow positive energy to flow into your car freely.

8) Protection Ornaments

Lucky cat hanging in car(Photo Credit: Ali Express)

Just as how we place and hang up auspicious ornaments around the house for good luck, you could do the same for your car. Such ornaments might bring about good luck and prosperity to your life. The only catch? You should only get ornaments that correspond to what will bring you good luck in 2019 according to your zodiac.

Below is a table on what compatible zodiac ornaments you could get.

Your Zodiac

Compatible Zodiac(s)


Monkey, Dragon


Snake, Rooster


Horse, Dog


Goat, Pig


Rat, Monkey


Ox, Rooster


Tiger, Dog


Rabbit, Pig


Rat, Dragon


Ox, Snake


Tiger, Horse


Rabbit, Goat

Do you have any other tips for “feng shui-ing” up your car? Let us know in the comments below! From all of us here at, have a prosperous and happy Year of the Pig! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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