10 Auspicious Number Plates that Will Make You Go ‘Huat Ah’

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Motorist Auspicious License Plate(Photo Credit: Carplate.sg)

Update: 26 November 2018, 4pm

From now until 4.30pm on Wednesday (28 Nov), bids for car registration numbers from 1 to 9999 in the SMH series will be open.

Interested members of the public are invited to submit their bids online through the One Motoring website. The bidding will be available from 1am to midnight daily during the bidding period.

Interested car owners can bid for up to three different vehicle registration numbers of the same prefix at the same bid amount in one bid submission, in the order of preference. However, only one registration number will be awarded, if successful.

The minimum bid amount is S$1,000, with a non-refundable S$10 service fee (before GST). Successful bidders will be notified via email. Results would also be available on the One Motoring website from 12pm on 5 December 2018. For more information, please visit the One Motoring website.

Looking for a new number plate to ring in 2019? Here’s our compilation of 10 auspicious number plates to bring you fortune and wealth in 2019. Huat ah!

Most Singaporean drivers, especially the Chinese, are quite superstitious when it comes to big ticket purchases.

Feng Shui, or ‘wind-water’, is a pseudoscience that claims to use energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment. Many people employ such beliefs when it comes to buying a new house or car.

While you can’t choose the location, direction, proximity to water, or level of your car, the next best thing would be to choose an ‘auspicious’ number plate. While older number plates or those with only three or fewer numerical digits are generally desirable, so are certain four-numbered plates.

Although the numbers may not mean much in the English language, it’s a different story for the Mandarin language and its various dialects. Most of us know a few basic examples, like the numbers four and eight, which in Mandarin, sound like the word “death” or “prosper”, respectively. But there are also certain combinations of numbers when put together, mean something good.

If you are thinking about getting a new car for 2019, here’s a list of auspicious number plates to complement your new purchase.

1) 1328

While some of the number plates may say you will prosper, they don’t say how easy or difficult it will be to prosper. This number plate has got you covered, this one means to “easily prosper in one’s life”.

2) 1426

The numbers ‘1’ and ‘4’, when put together in Mandarin sounds like the word for “always”. Combine it with the numbers ‘2’ and ‘6’ , it stands for “always work easy”. This number should appeal to working individuals.

3) 1688

This auspicious number plate means “all the way prosper prosper”. Think about it for a second, a car is meant to take you to your destination. Might as well prosper all the way there right?

4) 3308

The number 3 in Cantonese sounds like the Mandarin word for “life”. Together with the numbers ‘0’ and ‘8’, it stands for “life after life rich”.

5) 5454

The number 5 in Mandarin sounds like the word “won’t”. Accompanied by the number 4, it means you “won’t die won’t die”. Quite useful to have if you intend to lead a long and meaningful life.

6) 8388

This number plate means to “prosper for eight lifetimes”. Apparently, according to some netizens, it once cost at least S$5,000 to have this number combination as the first four digits of your mobile number from M1. Why prosper for one lifetime when you can prosper for eight?

7) 8484

Even though the number 4 is in this plate, many people still consider it a good number combination. As explained earlier, 8 means “prosper” and 4 means “death”. Therefore, this number plate means to “prosper until death, twice”.

8) 8888

This is pretty straightforward, 8 in Mandarin is “fa”, which means “prosper”. Therefore, this number plate means “prosper prosper prosper prosper”. It’s clearly desirable, after all, who in Singapore doesn’t want to prosper?

9) 8899

When read in Mandarin, the number 9 sounds like the word for “long”. So, this number plate means “prosper for a long time”.

10) 1788

For couples who are recently married, you might want to consider getting this license plate number. The numbers 1 and 7, when read in Mandarin, sounds like the word “together”. With the number 8, this number plate stands for “together huat huat”.

Next week, we’ll be taking a look at 10 inauspicious number plates to avoid in 2019. Be sure to stay tuned to Motorist.sg to find out more.

If you would like to bid for these number plates, you will need to go to the One Motoring website. Once there, simply follow the steps on how to bid for a Vehicle Registration Number.

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