Singapore Petrol Price Comparison 2019

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Motorist Petrol Price Comparison Singapore 2019
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Check out the latest petrol prices in Singapore for 2019. The figures provided here reflect the latest prices across the different petrol companies in Singapore.

Updated: 23 May 2019
























98-Octane (V-Power)












Credit Card Promotions at Caltex

  • OCBC Credit Cards
    16% fuel discount on 98-Octane
    14% fuel discount on other grades of petrol and diesel
    18% fuel discount with the NTUC/OCBC Plus! Visa Card

Credit Card Promotions at Esso

  • Citibank Credit Cards
    Up to 20.88% fuel savings with Citibank Cashback and Esso Mobil Credit Cards
    Up to 14% fuel savings with other Citibank Credit Cards
  • DBS Credit Cards
    Up to 21.1% fuel savings with DBS Esso Credit Card
  • OCBC Credit Cards
    Up to 18.5% fuel savings + 2.2% Smiles savings with OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card
    Up to 20.4% fuel savings with OCBC 365 Credit Card

Credit Card Promotions at Shell

  • Citibank Credit Cards
    Up to 20.88% savings with Citibank Cash Back Credit Card
    Up to 14% savings with other Citibank Credit Cards

  • HSBC Credit Cards
    Up to 19.16% savings with HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card
    Up to 18.30% savings with HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card
    Up to 14% savings with other HSBC Credit Cards

  • UOB Credit Cards
    Up to 20.8% savings with UOB One Credit Card
    Up to 13.6% savings with other UOB Credit Cards

Credit Card Promotions at SPC

  • American Express Credit Cards
    Up to 21% fuel savings with American Express Credit Cards

  • POSB Credit Cards
    Up to 20.1% fuel savings with POSB Everyday Credit Card

  • DBS Credit Cards
    Up to 15% savings with any DBS Credit Card

  • UOB Credit Cards
    Up to 24% fuel savings with UOB One Credit Card
    Up to 20% fuel savings with UOB Visa/MasterCard/UnionPay Credit Card

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