Workday lunchtime free parking – There’s no free lunch, but there is free parking!

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If you're constantly on the lookout for places in Singapore where you can park for free during lunchtime, you're in luck. Here are the best spots that offer free parking during weekday lunch hours, so you can spend more on the food!

Finding free parking in Singapore during weekday lunchtimes is like discovering a hidden treasure. When office workers flood the streets in search of good food and cheap parking, a peaceful lunch break can quickly become a stressful rush to beat the clock and avoid costly parking fees.

This is a list of free parking spots available during weekday lunch hours across the city. Each entry includes nearby food recommendations, most within a short walking distance. Use this guide for your weekday lunch adventures so you can save on parking fees and spend more on enjoying your meal.


IKEA Tampines

All-day free parking 

IKEA restaurant

Their iconic Swedish meatballs are a must-try for visitors. These savoury delights are best enjoyed with a side of tangy lingonberry jam and creamy mashed potatoes. Other local favourites include chicken wings and IKEA's selection of desserts.

📍 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764

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Holiday Inn Express Singapore Katong

Free lunchtime parking, 12pm to 2pm

Masala Tendoor

Savour authentic North Indian cuisine in an inviting ambience of warm decor. Try their signature dishes like Fish Tikka and Naan which is cooked to perfection in their traditional tandoor oven.

📍 85 E Coast Road, #01-01, Singapore 428787

Khao Hom By Rung Mama

This authentic Thai restaurant offers an extensive menu at reasonable prices, featuring dishes made with fresh ingredients and imported Thai herbs and spices. Don't miss their aromatic Phad Thai and creamy Tom Yum Soup for a truly authentic Thai dining experience.

📍88 East Coast Road, #01-05/06/07 Katong Square, Singapore 423371

Desi Firanggi

Indulge in a fusion of Indian and Western cuisines with their Butter Chicken Pizza - a unique must-try that combines the best of both worlds.

📍 97 East Coast Road, Singapore 428794

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Downtown East

Free lunchtime parking on weekdays, 12pm to 2pm

Tongue Tip LangZhou Beef Noodle

Slurp up authentic Chinese hand-pulled noodles in a rich, flavourful broth, topped with perfectly tender beef slices.

📍 1 Pasir Ris Close, E!Avenue@Downtown East #02-322, Singapore 519599

Goobne Downtown East

Indulge in their oven-roasted chicken, available in various flavours from sweet and spicy to garlic soy, cooked without oil to preserve its authentic taste. 

📍 1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-324, Singapore 519599

Ministry of Burgers

Satisfy your burger cravings with Singapore's beloved Ramly-style burgers. Pair their signature burgers with crispy chicken wings complemented by a choice of four unique sauces.

📍 1 Pasir Ris Close #01, K101, Singapore 519599

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East Village Upper Changi

Free lunchtime parking on weekdays, 12pm to 2pm

New Mahamoodiya Restaurant

Savour their freshly made, crispy prata and fragrant biryani rice - each bite a symphony of texture and flavour. Special mention goes to their aromatic curry that perfectly complements the savory dishes.

📍335 Bedok Road, Singapore 469510

Porta Porta Italian Restaurant

This place offers a halal Italian dining experience with standout dishes like lightly breaded Calamari and flavourful Seafood Risotto. Combing great food with a pleasant atmosphere, it is a top choice for those seeking authentic Italian cuisine in a halal-certified setting.

📍 No. 32 Jalan Pari Burong, Singapore 488698

IKURA Japanese

Experience super-value Japanese Izakaya-style dining with daily lunch deals starting from $10.90. Enjoy a wide range of dishes served in smaller portions, great for trying different items and satisfying various tastes.

📍 430 Upper Changi Road, #01-01 East Village, Singapore 487048

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First hour free parking on weekdays

Wonderful Bapsang This Korean vintage-style restaurant offers a unique two-in-one Korean dining experience, featuring a Korean mart and a popular street food concept. Enjoy their authentic dishes like Kimchi Jjigae, Samgyetang, and Bibimbap, or grab some Korean snacks to enjoy at


📍  2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-25, Singapore 609601

Hainan Second Street

This restaurant serves up a tasty variety, from traditional chicken rice to modern dishes like Hainanese pork chop. The authentic Hainanese setting enhances the dining experience, offering a true taste of Hainan's culinary heritage.

📍 2 Jurong East Street 21, IMM Building, #02-38 38A, Singapore 609601

Wan Chai Hong Tea Room

Enjoy generous portions of Hong Kong-style cuisine where traditional Cha Chaan Teng fare meets contemporary fusion. Indulge in authentic street food favourites, alongside unique twists on classic dishes, all at reasonable prices.

📍 2 Jurong East Street 21, #03-51, Singapore 609601

Greenridge Shopping Centre

Free lunchtime parking from Mon to Sat, 12pm to 2pm

Heng Gi Goose and Duck Rice

This stall has been renowned for its tender and succulent Teochew-style braised duck for more than 60 years. It has also been listed in the Michelin Guide, further attesting to its quality.

📍  2 Senja Close, #02-07, Singapore 677632

Onigirazu Don

If you are a fan of Japanese rice bowls, there are seven varieties on offer here, including Smoked Duck Oyako Don and Tempura Ebi Oyako Don. They also serve Onigirazu, a sandwich version of the traditional onigiri rice ball.

📍 2 Senja Close, #02-04, Singapore 677632

Yong Feng Ji Chicken Rice

Enjoy the perfect harmony of chicken rice - tender meat, fragrant grains and punchy chili, all at budget-friendly prices. The flavourful clear soup completes this iconic Singaporean dish, offering a satisfying meal that doesn't break the bank.

📍2 Senja Close, #02-02, Singapore 677632

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1720680741196 Workday+Lunchtime+Free+Parking+Pic6[Photo credit: STB]


Dempsey Hill

All-day free parking


Elevate your lunch with Michelin-starred Peranakan cuisine. The Wagyu Beef Rendang and Ikan Assam Pedas are must-try dishes that showcase the best of Nyonya cuisine.

📍 17A Dempsey Road, Singapore 249676

Da Paolo Dempsey

Transport yourself to Italy with their authentic cuisine. Indulge in the Lobster Bisque and hand-stretched pizza cooked in an Italian wood-fired oven. Don't forget to save some room for their classic tiramisu.

📍#01-13 Dempsey Road, Blk 8, Singapore 247696

Samy’s Curry

Experience the rich flavours of South Indian cuisine. Their famous fish head curry and chicken masala will leave you craving for more.

📍25 Dempsey Road, Singapore 249670

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City Square Mall

First hour free parking on weekdays, between 12pm and 2pm


This plant-based haven offers a vast menu of delicious plant-based dishes. Even meat-eaters will be impressed by the clever creations.

📍 180 Kitchener Road, #03 -23/24, Singapore 208539

Watami Japanese Dining

Experience authentic Tokyo flavours at this Japanese eatery. The Tokunsen Set for two or four persons is perfect for sharing with your colleagues/friends.

📍 180 Kitchener Road, #03-53/55, Singapore 208539

Gado & Grill

Serves Indonesian dishes such as their signature GadoMie and NasiGO. Order their mouth-watering Chunky Satay for a true gastronomic explosion.

📍 180 Kitchener Road, #03-53/55, Singapore 208539

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1720680769571 Workday+Lunchtime+Free+Parking+Pic9[Photo credit: STB]

CQ @ Clarke Quay

First 2 hours free parking, between 8am and 5.59pm

Il Clay Supper Club

Indulge in an intimate dining experience featuring innovative fusion cuisine in a cozy, clay-themed setting. Try their signature Clay Pot Rice with Iberico Pork or the Truffle Mushroom Pasta for a unique blend of flavors.

📍 Blk D, 3D River Valley Road, #01-04 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179023

SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse Cafe & Bar 

Savour succulent rotisserie meats and a wide selection of craft beers in this lively gastropub atmosphere. Don't miss their Roasted Chicken with herbs or the SQUE Burger topped with melted cheese and crispy bacon.

📍 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #01-70 The Central, Singapore 059817

Bones 'N Slaw

Enjoy finger-licking good barbecue ribs and fresh, crunchy slaws at this casual eatery perfect for meat lovers. Their St. Louis-style Pork Ribs and Beef Brisket are must-tries, complemented by their tangy Apple Slaw or creamy Coleslaw.

📍  6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Clarke Quay, Central, #02-82/83, Singapore 059817

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Leisure Park Kallang

Free 30 minutes parking on weekdays

The Orange Lantern

For their value set meal, you'll get a main course, free appetiser, and drink - all without GST or service charge! Plus, they offer vegan-friendly options and a halal-certified menu.

📍 5 Stadium Walk, #01-36/37, Singapore 397693

Joyden Seafood

Joyden offers a modern twist on Cantonese classics. Some must-orders include their succulent braised chicken, a flavour bomb that soaks up every bit of the rich sauce, and the aromatic lemongrass pork ribs.

📍 5 Stadium Walk, Leisure Park, Kallang, #02-42, Singapore 397693

Ayam Penyet President

Take a quick culinary trip to Jakarta with their perfectly-cooked grilled chicken, satays, and beef rendang, all offered at reasonable prices alongside a menu full of classic Indonesian dishes.

📍 1 Stadium Place, #01-23, Singapore 397638

Mustafa Centre

Free 1 hour parking

The Beef House

Their popular beef ball soup features tender, juicy meatballs in a comforting clear broth. For a burst of authentic Hakka flavor, order the abacus seeds as a side dish.

📍 217 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207776

Ming Chung Restaurant

This family-run gem serves authentic Chinese cuisine. Their signature Heng Hua Lor Mee is a must-try – a hearty bowl of thick noodles packed with various ingredients and a delicious broth.

📍 67 Maude Road, Singapore 208348

Copper Chimney

Spice up your lunch with delectable North Indian and Indian-Chinese fusion dishes. Their butter chicken and Szechuan fried rice are crowd favourites which will leave you wanting more.

📍 100 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207676

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1720680804285 Workday+Lunchtime+Free+Parking+Pic11[Photo credit: STB]


888 Plaza (Woodlands)

Free lunchtime parking, 12pm to 2pm

Ah Keat Pig’s Organ Soup/Kway Chap

This local stall serves traditional Teochew delicacies. Their signature kway chap and pig's organ soup are must-tries – comforting bowls featuring tender meat and silky rice noodles in a wonderful broth.

📍 19 Marsiling Lane, #01-329, Singapore 730019

Asia Ghani Jamu Selera Chicken Rice

Tuck into the fragrant Hainanese chicken rice with succulent poached chicken and aromatic rice.

📍 888 Plaza, 888 Woodlands Drive 50, Singapore 730888

88 Fishball Noodle House

Enjoy a bowl of springy fishball noodles with a rich broth. A satisfying meal with fishballs that are bouncy and full of flavour.

📍 888 Woodlands Drive 50, Singapore 730888

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1720680830754 Workday+Lunchtime+Free+Parking+Pic12[Photo credit: STB]

One Punggol Hawker Centre

Free lunchtime parking on weekdays, 12pm to 2pm


For a simple yet delightful meal, order their ABC Pork Ribs Soup or Winter Melon Pork Ribs Soup with Dried Scallop and Barley. Pair your soup with one of four delectable rice dishes, such as Black Bean Sauce Pork Ribs Steamed Rice or Salted Egg Meat Patty with Steamed Rice.

📍 1 Punggol Drive, #02-29, Singapore 828629

Zi Jia Yong Tau Foo

Specialising in homemade yong tau foo, they offer a wide variety of ingredients and unique noodle options like udon claypot noodles, rarely available at yong tau foo stalls. A standout dish is the Sesame Sauce Noodle Set, featuring udon tossed in a Japanese sesame dressing.

📍 1 Punggol Drive, #02-15, Singapore 828629

Hi Leskmi Whampoa Nasi Lemak

With over 20 years of experience selling nasi lemak since 2002 at Whampoa Market, their nasi lemak is a must-try. It includes egg, fried chicken wing, fish fillet, otah, and the classic accompaniments of ikan bilis, peanuts, and cucumber.

📍 1 Punggol Drive, #02-09, Singapore 828629

With these free parking options and mouth-watering food recommendations, your weekday lunches are about to get a whole lot better! Happy eating!

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